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The Final Table Live Stream of the $3500 buy-in WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship is Wednesday (4/5/2017) starting at 12:30PM EST (9:30AM Pacific).

The Final Table Live Stream of the $10K buy-in WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Finale is Thursday (4/6/2017) starting at 12:30PM EST (9:30AM Pacific).

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The broadcast will be on a 30-minute delay with hole cards and commentary from your LearnWPT instructor, Nick Binger, and World Poker Tour analyst Tony Dunst.

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Trip Aces Facing a River Bet… What do you do here?

DECISION POINT:  The UTG player raised preflop, MP2 calls, you call with A♣5♣ and the other players fold. The flop comes A♥A♦4♣. UTG and MP2 check and you bet. UTG calls and MP2 folds. The turn is the K♦. UTG checks, you bet, and UTG calls. The river is the Q♠, and UTG shoves all-in. Action is on you, what do you do?

PRO ANSWER:  In this hand, we flopped trips with a bad kicker and bet both the flop and turn. Our opponent, after check-calling our bets, now moves all-in on the river. We are getting over 3-1 pot odds on a call. In order for a call to be profitable, we need to have at least 23% equity in this hand.

Given that our opponent check-called two streets then moved all-in on the river, we can assign them a range of hands that consists mostly of hands they are betting for value. Bluffs are far less likely given this action. Also, it is unlikely that our opponent is value-betting any hands worse than trip aces. Therefore we are either chopping the pot with another trip aces, or they have us beat with a full house.

Given that they raised from early position, the number of combinations of trip aces is lower than if they had raised from a later position. In fact, if we assume this opponent has a range of QQ+, 44, ATs+, ATo+ (pocket pairs QQ or bigger, pocket 44, or all broadway aces), then we only have around 17% equity in this hand. We lose the hand around 65% of the time and chop around 35% of the time.

Since we are only chopping at best and often losing this hand, folding this river is the best play, despite us having trip aces

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-Nick Binger