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LearnWPT Announces New Instructor Brian Altman


“3x WPT Champion, Season XVIII WPT Player of the Year Joins Team LearnWPT”

Las Vegas, NV – (January 14, 2022) – LearnWPT, the Official Poker Education Platform of the World Poker Tour® announced today the signing of Brian Altman as the newest member of Team LearnWPT. One of the most successful players in the 20 year history of the World Poker Tour, Brian will share his unique knowledge and experience with LearnWPT Members through digital and in-person training events.

“We are honored to welcome Brian to Team LearnWPT and are excited for members to benefit from his exceptional strategy and championship mindset,” said Adrian Naggy, LearnWPT COO. “Learning the expert insights behind his incredible consistency and ability to close the deal on the biggest stage will undoubtedly be an asset to players of all skill levels.”


The Longmeadow Massachusetts native is a dominant force on the felt, having made an incredible seven WPT Main Tour Final Tables and etching his name on the Mike Sexton Champions Cup three times. Brian’s impressive career spans over a decade and includes career tournament earnings of $5.5 million, with $2.8 million dollars in earnings from his performance in WPT Events.

“The opportunity to share my strategic knowledge and experience with the LearnWPT membership is truly exciting,” Altman explained. “I look forward to interacting with the community and creating engaging strategy content to help players improve their game.”


As an Instructor for LearnWPT’s on-demand poker training membership platform, the Season XVIII WPT Player of the Year will share his strategic approach for the first time through video Strategy Episodes, Member Webinars, and the interactive Ask a Pro feature.

In addition to creating exclusive online membership content Brian will take part in LearnWPT’s popular interactive Live Workshops. He joins an impressive roster of Instructors including Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Tony Dunst, Michael Gagliano, and Katie Stone.

As an ambassador for LearnWPT Brian will attend special event experiences and create exclusive content from WPT Main Tour stops. The Season XX WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida from January 21-26, 2022 will be Brian’s debut event as part of Team LearnWPT, and is the site of two of his three WPT Main Event victories netting nearly $1.8 million in total prize money.

Learn poker strategy from Brian Altman and the entire LearnWPT Team of Instructors!


Like a Pro!

The Top 10 Online Poker Tells from Tony Dunst

Tony Dunst - optmzd.jpg

These Top 10 Online Poker Tells will help you identify opponents' tendencies at the table, learn how to adjust to certain poker player types, become more skilled at reading poker opponents, and exploit population tendencies in your poker game.

This list is created by Tony Dunst, WPT Commentator, LearnWPT Instructor, professional poker player, WPT Champion, 2x WSOP Bracelet, and WSOP Circuit Ring winner. Tony recently did an in-depth hand history review of a tournament where he made a deep run featuring the Top 10 Online Poker Tells.

Check out his most common notes on opponents below:

#1 Poker Tell: Opens Too Wide

This is a note that Tony takes most often, and it refers to catching your opponent's opening with too many hands, which is pretty common in MTTs and poker in general, but especially in poker tournaments since people have a stronger incentive to open wide.

With a solid grasp of what your own opening ranges are supposed to be, you can have a better understanding of what people should be opening. When you are in the early stages of a deep-stacked tournament, Tony suggests 3-Betting wider ranges for value when deep.

Opening too wide from an early position makes defending your range almost impossible!

The benefit of using a fairly linear range (i.e. mostly good hands with strong playability post-flop) allows you to systematically broaden your range and take advantage of a poker player opening too wide.

If you see an opponent opening too wide, which is often accompanied by them calling 3-Bets too wide, the hands in your linear range for that position become automatic 3-Bets.

With a player who opens too wide, you need to take all of the hands that mix calling and shoving and turn them into really profitable shoves.

For example, if the Cutoff opens and you have 25 big blinds in the small blind, Tony suggests to start mixing suited combinations of A9, K9,J9, T8, 98, and KJ offsuit as 3-Bets, and flatting A2 and A3 suited against those who open too wide. This is a very simple and profitable adjustment to make against opponents with the tendency to open wider preflop.

#2 Poker Tell: Straightforward in Big Spots

The second most common note Tony takes on his opponents is particularly true at the low to mid-stakes online, and in live poker. This note means that in general, your opponent is going to be under bluffing, particularly when 3-Betting, 4-Betting, check-raising you on the flop, raising you on the turn, raising over your river bet, or other big spots where they have to put in a large percentage of their stack.

This type of player can also be identified through how they talk about poker and hands at the table and are often observed as hesitant and skeptical with regard to both wasting chips and bluffing their stack away.

These opponents are simply way too straightforward in big spots, which provides you with a cheat code and an opportunity to fold everything unless you've got the goods. The counter adjustment is achieved by opening with a tighter range of hands against a player who is straightforward in big spots and folds all of your marginal opens to their 3-bets.

Tony suggests that in heads-up pots vs these kinds of players you can make an exploitative adjustment.

Against this specific player it is acceptable to flat call with pocket aces and allow them to take the lead postflop as they will likely be betting strong with hands they enter the pot with.

#3 Poker Tell: Flat Calls Too Wide Preflop

Tony sees this frequently with the low to medium midstakes players who tend to flat call with too many of the offsuit Ace and offsuit Broadway combinations.

Sometimes players flat pairs in spots where they are too short stacked to do so, so against this type of opponent you can bet wider against them as a bluff, because they often flat too many hands preflop that don't connect.

Consider this example: you're out of position, your opponent flats, you get a scattered flop and you're supposed to mix between betting and checking.

Against a player who's flatting too much wide preflop, you can start to make money by using a much more frequent small C-bet sizing.

Another strategy against opponents who flat too wide preflop is to barrel down (bet out on the flop, turn, and river) wider against them because it is tougher for them to get to turns and rivers with strong hands when their ranges broaden preflop to include many more random second pair or third pair combinations.

You can put a great deal of pressure on these kinds of players on the later streets because they get there with weaker ranges.

#4 Poker Tell: Passive Postflop with No Showdown Value

This is a tendency you see from players who are passive and don't realize that they are supposed to be bluffing fairly often when they have no showdown value.

This kind of player calls out of the big blind when you open in late position, and will continue vs a c-bet fairly often while holding a capped wide range when something favorable hits your range on the board, such as King-High or Ace-High.

When the river misses your hand and most of the plausible draws and your opponent has not shown aggression, you might start contemplating bluffing them off it.

Against these players, Tony suggests taking more showdowns with high card hands instead of trying to bluff them.

Here is an example to illustrate this concept further: You open a 87 Suited, you see that the flop is bad for your range, the turn and river is a brick, but you don't beat the draws and your opponent checks to you. Since now it's clear that this player is very passive with no showdown hands, they have gotten to this river and checked to you with more hands that don't really have showdown value. In this spot you should turn more of these types of hands into bluffs against the passive player type.

In addition, you should focus on being more passive with any hand that can showdown and win vs a player who takes a passive line postflop with hands that have no showdown value, and at the same time become more aggressive with the hands that you can absolutely never showdown.

#5 Poker Tell: Open Shoves Too Wide

This is a pretty common mistake amongst MTT players and many still have outdated ideas about shoving ranges.

For instance, if someone has 10 big blinds in the middle position, many players would assume any Ace is acceptable to shove all-in with preflop, and that's not actually the case.

With 10 big blinds in Middle Position 2 (MP2) you should mostly be folding A2 through A6, as well as hands including JT, QT and KT. If you spot players open shoving too wide in the 10-15 blind zone, it may fold to you in the Small or Big Blind, and you now have a significant advantage especially if you can identify the types of hands that they open or shove too wide with.

As another example, if you do see a wide opponent shove from an early position with 10 big blinds and it folds you in the big blind with A6, now you have a clear call. Against players who are shoving too tight, who jam 10 big blinds from an early position and you're in the Big Blind with a hand as weak as A6, there are a lot of players you should go ahead and make that fold against.

Having players at your table who open shove too wide is actually beneficial, as you will be able to make more money off of those players as they present you with opportunity to call getting good odds.

#6 Poker Tell: Flat Call or Small Reraise Instead of Shoving

Tony says he takes this note in tournaments 'all day long'.

Most players who make this mistake don't even realize that they are playing face up when they do it, and you will see this happen all the time in tournaments.

Here is a common scenario to help illustrate the concept: The player on the button has 18 to 22 big blinds and a stack that is mostly flatting or jamming, without any hands that 3-bet with a small sizing in their range. You're supposed to jam a lot of the pairs, the suited broadways, both strong offsuit aces and suited low aces including A5 suited, as well as a mix of the A4, A3 and A7 suited combinations.

As observed by Tony, many players jam a lot of these medium-strong hands and3-bet small with only aces and kings, and they never balance that by 3-betting small with a hand like A9 offsuit for instance.

Another common example to illustrate this concept is a scenario where you open raise, and an opponent calls. You get the flop with top pair and continuation bet, they call, you barrel the turn intending to barrel down for value, and instead of calling, your opponent hits you with a min-raise on the turn.

Once you identify a player using these small raises when they should be shoving, it's safe to assume that they will not find the bluffs until proven otherwise and that you should overfold these spots. This opponent is doing you a favor, just turning their hand face up, and you must be observant to this and make some very snug folds as an adjustment.

#7 Poker Tell: Reshoves Too Wide Preflop

While this tell is not quite as common as some of the others Tony has listed, this tendency is definitely something you want to keep an eye on.

Consider a scenario with 20 big blinds deep in the Small Blind facing an open raise vs the Cutoff. In this scenario, you're jamming all the pairs, all of the suited broadways, mostly except KJs and including A9, A8o, K9s, Q9s, K8s, plus some suited connectors such as 98s.

You will definitely catch players who reshove this spot way too wide, jamming, reshoving too many off-suit ace combos anytime they have a broadway combo. While these hands may seem like attractive and profitable reshoves in this spot, these hands actually don't fare really well with low to medium offsuit Aces as reshoves, because they have bad equity against the calling ranges of the opener.

When you spot somebody reshoving with a high frequency using offsuit Aces, all of the pairs that you were borderline become calls, and all of the medium aces become automatic calls.

Widen your calling ranges and be careful with broadway combos like KQ in your range if your opponent is observed reshoving offsuit aces too much, assuming it's not a suited broadway that retains a lot of equity.

#8 Poker Tell: Calls Down Too Wide Postflop

Not everybody who calls down too wide postflop is just a flat-out fishy calling station, however, a lot of players have a tendency to get a bit too sticky to top-pair hands, when their relative hand strength has been negated from the runout on the board.

Against this kind of player, Tony suggests doing more of the value betting yourself and less balancing through checking when you're the out-of-position player.

This recommendation is because there are a lot of situations where we open in the middle position, a player calls us on the button, and we mix betting and checking.

Be cautious in this spot not to bet the hands that may be a mix of combos in this player’s bluffing range, as well as to bet and barrel the hands that are top pair more frequently. In a spot where for example you open AJ and flop top pair, and get flat called on the flop and turn, you just need to bet the river for value.

As this type of player enters with more second-best hands and gets married to those second-best hands postflop, you should look to bet in order to maximize the value of your strong or medium-strong hands, as well as to bluff them a lot less frequently. When facing an opponent who loves to call down, it’s critical to not try and bluff them.

#9 Poker Tell: Bluffs Too Wide Postflop

While this is a far less common tell than most, there is a specific player type that will favor bluffing postflop with a too high frequency.

Against this type of player, we want to mix between betting and checking.

Tony suggests checking many more of our strong hands and sometimes hands with moderate showdown value, often having to take many more hands to showdown vs larger bet sizing on average.

Once you identify somebody who loves bluffing too much postflop, it might be beneficial to let them have the lead as often as possible. With our strongest hands against these opponents, we can start playing more lines where we check/call flops, call turn, and raise the river.

When you're in doubt whether this player is going to do enough betting for you to get max value on a big hand, Tony suggests checking to them frequently, given that you have a hand that's happy to call down.

When you find yourself on a turn or a river and you're facing a tough decision to call and you have a hand with showdown value, these spots start to become automatic calls.

Against frequent bluffers with wide ranges you can set up opponents by just checking to them over and over again, letting them spew right on into you.

#10 Poker Tell: Not ICM Conscious

With the Independent Chip Model or ICM Poker being crucial when it comes to improving your game and forming valuable strategies, this is an approach Tony says he pays a lot of attention to.

For both on bubble situations and at final tables, ICM has a very strong influence on decision making and the way stack sizes can be played. If for example, we're the big chip leader in a tournament field where everyone is very ICM conscious, we get to pummel opponents because they know they're supposed to fold.

However, if you are a big chip leader and everyone around you is not concerned with making money, and it's just players calling off preflop shoving way too wide, then you end up being more constricted and you should tighten it up.

Against players who are not ICM conscious, if you keep playing aggressive opponents will push back on you and you end up being the one who's responsible for those ICM mistakes.

Consequently, it is critical to remember that if you're a big stack and the players around you are not ICM conscious, you won't be able to exploit that situation as much as you'd like.

Simply by sitting back and waiting for other players to get involved, you'll be able to make progress at the final table as players will bust earlier than they should and ultimately help you ladder up the pay scale.

ICM is an area of poker study that most MTT players should focus on more, as these strategies will be one of the best ways to increase your profit against these fields.

Using these winning strategies and Tony Dunst’s Top 10 Online Poker Tells to your best advantage during your next poker tournament, you’ll continue to minimize mistakes and maximize your opportunity to accumulate chips and ultimately win tournaments!

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Tony Dunst Predicts The Next Poker Boom...


Check out Tony Dunst's latest blog post as he talks about the game's increasing popularity and the momentum currently building for online poker in America.

Learn more about Tony and how he can help improve your game by clicking here: Meet LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst

P.S. Join Tony on Tour and put what you've learned into play at the table! Click here to view upcoming World Poker Tour events.

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LearnWPT Pros Winning Big!

July has been a very successful month for LearnWPT Pros!

We had TWO Instructors each take home their 2nd illustrious Gold Bracelet and a 3rd place finish in the WSOP Main Event! 🏆🙌

Take a look at how Nick, Tony, and LuckyChewy fared….

Lead Instructor for LearnWPT and the World Poker Tour Nick Binger outlasted a massive 2,408 entry field to win his 2nd WSOP bracelet and took home an impressive $133K first prize at the World Series of Poker Event# 24 8-Hand No-Limit Hold'em Tournament.

Nick Binger.jpg

If you’ve ever watched one of his Strategy Episodes, attended a Live Workshop and heard his lecture, or had the pleasure of sitting at one of his Lab Day tables, you know how dedicated LearnWPT Lead Instructor Nick Binger is to teaching his students.

Nick has dedicated over 12 years perfecting his poker instruction skills with the WPT and enjoys teaching as much as he enjoys playing.

Nick has helped many students reach their goals and achieve success in the game they love. Click below to learn more about Nick...

LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst took home his 2nd bracelet when he outlasted a massive 1,361 entry field and scored a huge $168K 1st prize during the World Series of Poker Event#21 $777 buy-in 6-Hand No-Limit Hold'em Tournament.

Tony Dunst smile.jpg

As a high-stakes pro and co-commentator for the World Poker Tour, Tony who has spent over eight seasons analyzing some of the most pivotal hands from World Poker Tour events.

Away from the bright lights of the WPT set, Tony is a force to be reckoned with both at the live and online felt. Tony has been putting in the work and getting great results.

Tony's experience grinding the Tournament and Cash Game scene make him a huge resource and asset for LearnWPT Members and Students. Click below to learn more about Tony...

LearnWPT Instructor Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger took 3rd place and scored $140K in the huge 2,126 entry field World Series of Poker Event#31 $1,000 buy-in Championship Main Event!

LuckyChewy Aria 2019.jpg

LuckyChewy is one of the best all-around players in the game today and had 8 cashes in major live tournaments in 2019 alone.

Chewy has been tearing up the virtual felt and continues to evolve and improve his game dominating both online tournament and cash games.

LuckyChewy's experience, positive mentality, and success make him a powerful resource and asset for LearnWPT Members and Students. Click below to learn more about Chewy...


Think Like a Pro

Introducing LearnWPT Instructor Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa - WPT - resized for AC.jpg

We are excited to announce the newest Instructor to our team, Vanessa Selbst!

Vanessa Selbst is one of the most respected and accomplished poker players in the world. With over 10 years of teaching experience and one of the original creators of poker training videos, Vanessa has coached some of the top poker players in the game today.

Vanessa surprised the poker world in 2017 when she announced retirement from playing professionally on the circuit.

However, it didn’t take long until her love for the game brought her back to the WPT felt. Like a true champion she quickly returned to form and made deep runs in the September 2019 WPT Borgata Poker Open and WPT Falls View Main Event in February 2020.


3x World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner
Think Like a Pro!

Vanessa's Accomplishments:

  • 3 World Series of Poker Bracelets
  • Multiple World Poker Tour Final Tables
  • Nearly $12 Million in Live Tournament Winnings
  • Highest Earning Female Poker Player

We are excited to bring Vanessa's aggressive winning style and championship mindset to our LearnWPT Members through upcoming Strategy Videos.

Click below to get a sneak peek at what Members of can expect from Vanessa.

P.S. Join now for $5 and gain access to Vanessa's complete strategy video, normally only available to Monthly or Yearly Members!

Vanessa’s dominance, dedication to her craft, and incisive thinking make her both a formidable opponent at the table and an enormous asset for LearnWPT Members.

Help us welcome Vanessa to the team!


Not a Member?
Go to, click the JOIN NOW button to become a Member for just $5 your first month (cancel anytime). Monthly and Yearly Members can review insight and analysis from our Instructors through upcoming:

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Play Better Poker with LearnWPT Live Stream - Featuring Guest Brian Altman


Get LIVE, first-hand tips from a 3x World Poker Tour Champion on how to improve your poker game! 📺

LearnWPT, the Official Poker Education Platform of the World Poker Tour®, proudly presents Play Better Poker with Instructors Katie Stone and Brian Altman starting at 10:00 AM EST on January 20th LIVE from the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida!

If your goal is to kickstart your poker game, then look no further. You'll have unparalleled access to hear directly from top players and get valuable strategies to improve your game plan!

Catch all of the action and be sure to RSVP for this amazing live show ↘️

Listen as the most successful poker players in the game share their secrets about how to Play Better Poker! 🎙️

Watch this fast-paced online talk show including in-depth interviews with the top poker players in the WPT Universe, and discover how they learn and improve at poker through study tips and unique techniques featuring exclusive LearnWPT training tools and content.

Do you have 30 minutes to start Playing Better Poker? 🂡

With 15 years of experience as a professional poker player, LearnWPT Instructor Katie Stone is your personal guide for building a poker study routine and improving your game. You will not only be able to ask specific questions about your game and how to improve but also to get expert insight from some of the greatest in the game on how they consistently improve at poker, all while having fun!

Joining Katie LIVE on the next Play Better Poker show is 3x WPT Champion, Season XVIII Player of the Year, and the newest member of Team LearnWPT- Brian Altman!

Sharpen your pencil ✏️ because it's time to take notes and ask questions to get answers from Katie and Brian- Email your questions to [email protected].

Tune In to Hear Katie & Brian Talk About:

🡆 The importance of maintaining a mindset for growth and learning.

🡆 The value of having a community of trusted peers to help you learn and grow.

🡆 Why balance and family time are important to maintaining peak performance.

We know how difficult it can be to learn poker on your own, so we’re inviting you to study with Team LearnWPT!

Play Better Poker is designed to provide a place for poker players of all skill and experience levels to learn together! We'll teach you easy-to-use strategies to study and improve at Texas Hold’em, while also giving you unprecedented access to the mindset and approach to learning used by pro poker players. But don't worry - LearnWPT is a safe place to start your journey as a poker player, and we know that everyone learns at their own pace.

Submit questions before each show by emailing [email protected] and get the answer live. For more information and updates for the next show make sure you bookmark and check back often.

Meet Your Host Katie Stone


Katie Stone began her gaming career as a child in chess, and later on while in college she pioneered chess camps for kids across the country. She is a professional poker player and a staunch advocate with a focus on growing the game of poker. Katie is also a major proponent of using the decision-making skills and lessons learned in poker as a means to better navigate challenges and improve performance at work and in daily life. Throughout her 15 years long career as a poker professional, Katie has been constantly searching for new methods to master her poker skills and help other players Play Better Poker.

As an Instructor for Team LearnWPT Katie delivers expert strategy and a unique perspective on learning poker to the LearnWPT Membership. Her accolades in poker include being a 2x WSOP Circuit Ring Winner and $1.2 million combined live and online tournament earnings. In addition to her role as a LearnWPT Instructor, Katie is also a Content Producer and Commentator for LearnWPT.

Her front-row seat to the explosion of online poker and the evolution of poker study makes Katie a uniquely qualified resource for cash game and tournament strategies, detailed hand analysis, online vs live strategies, decision making in real-time at the table, adjusting for known opponent tendencies, using your feedback loop for improvement, as well as learning what it takes to succeed as a pro.

Have an Inside Look at Katie’s Quest to Play Better Poker:

Meet Katie’s Guest 3x WPT Champion and Season XVIII Player of the Year- Brian Altman!


Brian Altman or “Alty” as he is known by fellow rounders on the virtual and live poker felt, is universally considered to be one of the greatest tournament players in the world. Brian’s career spans over a decade and includes $5.5 million in worldwide tournament earnings in live poker alone, with $2.8 million of those winnings from the World Poker Tour.

As a 3x World Poker Tour Champion and the Season XVIII WPT Player of the Year, Brian has demonstrated a level of consistency and execution in the most high-pressure spots that is seldom matched by his peers. Before his ascent into the WPT record books, Brian cemented his legacy as an elite online poker player by winning the prestigious Pokerstars Yearly Tournament Leaderboard in 2010.

Brian’s success is born from a mindset focused on self-improvement and lifelong learning, including a commitment to personal health and fitness. An avid fan of hiking and travel, Brian balances his dedication to excellence at the table with personal interests away from the table including spending plenty of time with friends and family.

As the newest member of Team LearnWPT, Brian will reveal his winning approach for the first time and share his proven strategies through Strategy Episodes, Webinars, and interactive Live Workshops.

Check Out This Throwback from Brian’s WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Win in 2020:

Join Katie and Brian for an enlightening discussion on his championship mindset, his dedication to self-improvement and lifelong learning, what makes learning fun, and the methods he uses to stay on top of today’s tough poker tournament fields.

Play Better Poker is the perfect opportunity for you to get started on your poker learning journey in a fun and engaging way. Join us for a fascinating conversation with the one and only poker legend, Brian Altman. Watch for valuable strategies that will help improve your play and help you have more fun at the table!

The year 2022 is the perfect time to start making changes in your poker game. You'll learn strategies from a legendary player and pick up tips that will help you improve quickly!

Whether you’re a new, returning, or already well-seasoned player – Play Better Poker is here to help and get you started learning valuable poker tips in a fast and fun 30 minute LIVE poker strategy show. Join us!

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Tony Dunst & Katie Stone Reveal Their WPT Choctaw Secrets

LearnWPT Instructors Tony Dunst and Katie Stone took a break from the action at the tables to reveal some of their strategy and break down a couple of hands they played during Day 1 at the recent $3,700 buy-in WPT Choctaw Main Event in Durant, OK.

Playing a World Poker Tour Main Event is exciting, especially when you are striving to get your name on the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup (and let's not forget about that $560K 1st prize)!


Not only are these events extremely exciting but they are also full of great opportunities to learn, which is why Katie is bringing LearnWPT Members behind the scenes of her time at Choctaw in two upcoming LearnWPT Strategy Episodes.

Katie will give you a peek into the life of a tournament grinder, what it's like to play a big WPT event, and breakdown some hands played.


Also, Tony recently wrote a blog about his time at Choctaw and reflected on the event and some of his table action. Follow along as Tony tells you his thoughts in real-time and see how a professional player approaches a World Poker Tour Main Event.

Learn more about LearnWPT Instructors Tony Dunst and Katie Stone and how they can help improve your poker game. And make sure and be sure to say hello to them (or any of the LearnWPT Pros) at the next WPT Event!

Good luck and good playing,

P.S. View some exciting final table action and find out who won the World Poker Tour Choctaw Main Event tournament, also adding their name to the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup, by clicking here.

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Welcome Katie Stone to The LearnWPT Team!


We are excited to announce the newest Instructor to the LearnWPT Team, Katie Stone!

Katie has garnered the respect of fellow grinders on the live and online circuits, both for her tremendous skill and desire to be the best, and for her tireless advocacy in growing the game of poker to a wider audience.

A professional poker player for over 15 years, Katie utilized her extensive background and success in chess to build her career both online and live. Her trophy case includes 2 WSOP Circuit rings and over $1 million dollars in online cashes.

Katie is a champion for women in poker helping to elevate the participation and enjoyment for women in the game. She is a staple on the live poker circuit and a Team Pro for one of the leading online poker sites in the United States, partypoker US Network.

Some of Katie's Accomplishments:

  • 2x World Series of Poker Circuit Ring Winner
  • More than $1.2 Million Combined Live and Online Tournament Earnings
  • Content Producer, Presenter, Author, and Player Advocate

We are excited to bring Katie's experience and championship mindset to our Students through upcoming Strategy Episodes.

Watch a sneak peek at Katie discussing her partypoker US Network Online Series Main Event Final Table play with LuckyChewy from our new "The Feedback Loop" sessions:


Katie is a true grinder and student of the game. Her desire to be one of the best players in the world coupled with unique insights into the life of a Professional player make her a huge asset for LearnWPT Members.

Help us welcome Katie to the team!

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Welcome Michael "Gags30" Gagliano to LearnWPT!


We are excited to announce the newest Instructor to the LearnWPT Team, Michael "Gags30" Gagliano!

If you've had the pleasure of hearing his commentary during WPT Final Tables, watching his popular live streams on Twitch, or witnessed his skills firsthand at the tables, you know that Michael is one of the most respected poker minds in the game today.

Michael has been a consistent force in both cash games and tournaments during his 15 year career, with several high profile tournament titles. In 2016 Michael won his first WSOP Bracelet in a $2500 buy-in event, defeating a huge field of 1045 players for the $448K first place prize.

As a staple in the East Coast scene and an active ambassador for Borgata Poker and partypoker US Network, Gags30 (as he is known online) has helped to welcome a whole new generation of poker fans to the virtual felt.

Some of Michael's Accomplishments:

  • World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner
  • Multiple Top 3 Finishes in High Profile Tournaments Including WSOP Bracelet Events and Borgata Poker Opens
  • Over $6 Million Combined Live and Online Tournament Earnings
  • Nearly a Decade as a Professional Poker Coach

We are excited to bring Michael's winning style and championship mindset to LearnWPT Members through upcoming Strategy Episodes. Check out this sneak peek at what Members of LearnWPT can expect from Michael.


As a sought after coach for almost a decade who has helped more than 50 students from all over the world improve their game and win multiple championships including the WSOP Main Event, Michael is an enormous asset for LearnWPT Members.

Help us welcome Gags30 to the team!

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