What is a LearnWPT Strategy Episode?

When we started LearnWPT, our goal was to make it as easy as possible for anyone to improve their poker game in their spare time. We did that because the key factor that separates most poker players from winning pros or students of the game usually comes down to: small, consistent amounts of effort, once or twice a week.

That's why we present our Members with poker "lessons" in easy to watch "Strategy Episodes" so they can improve their games as easily as watching a short video on their phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Strategy Episodes are presented in short, easy to digest segments (usually 10-15 minutes) that focus on introducing and reinforcing specific aspects of the game plan.

Check out what one of our Members had to say about LearnWPT Strategy Episodes:

We use Strategy Episodes to teach key poker concepts, analyze televised hands from the WPT, and answer Member questions about previous Episodes, hands they've played, or any other issue that's holding them back maximizing their poker potential.

All Strategy Episodes are tagged and categorized so you can sort between Cash/Tournament as well as other categories.

So what kind of Strategy Episodes do LearnWPT Members get?

Episode - Concept 294 - optmzd.png

✓ Present a Key Poker Concept
✓ Provide Examples and Context

Concept Episodes are for the fundamentals of the game. These Episodes represent key content we think ALL members should have as part of their game.

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✓ Learn Game Theory Optimal Poker Strategy
✓ Take Your Game From Zero to GTO

Game Theory Optimal Episodes feature a breakdown of hands played on the WPT GTO Trainer with step-by-step analysis and examples played by the LearnWPT Pros using GTO Strategy.

Episode - Decision Point 94 - optmzd.png

✓ Offer In-Depth Hand Analysis
✓ Reveal Decision-Making Thought Process

Decision Point Episodes feature real hands played by LearnWPT Members getting analyzed Step-By-Step by the LearnWPT Pros.

Episode - Ask a Pro 87 - optmzd.png

✓ Answers Member Questions
✓ Includes Episode Follow-Up

Ask a Pro Episodes answer Member follow-up questions about previous Episodes as well as hands played. The student point of view is useful for integrating new concepts.

Episode - Decision Point 243 - optmzd.png

✓ Hands Played by LearnWPT Pros
✓ Advanced Hand Analysis and Situational Adjustments

From the Felt Episodes showcase our LearnWPT Pros in action. They take us through their thought process in recently played hands and situations.

Episode - Mental Game 293 - optmzd.png

✓ Featuring Mental Game Coach Jared Tendler
✓ Strategies for Optimal Mindset

Jared is the Author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2. These Episodes share some of his most valuable insights into Mental Performance.

Episode - Closer Look 88 -optmzd.png

✓ Real Hands from WPT Episodes
✓ Analysis from Multiple Perspectives

Closer Look Episodes take a deep dive into some of the most interesting and useful hands from broadcast episodes of World Poker Tour Final Tables with significant pay jump implications.

Episode - HIT 262 - optmzd.png

✓ Submitted by Members Using the LearnWPT Hand Input Tool
✓ Professional Analysis from LearnWPT Instructors

Highlights from HIT Episodes take a deep dive into real hands played by LearnWPT Members with a detailed breakdown of their decisions by Lead Instructor Nick Binger.

Episode - LuckyChewy 339 - optmzd.png

✓ Real Hands Played from Winning Pros
✓ Deep Analysis of Concepts, Techniques, and Play

Receive insight into the decision-making process of successful Professional Players - Nick Binger, Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger, Tony Dunst, Vanessa Selbst, and Danielle "dmoongirl" Andersen.

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Think Like a Pro

No matter how long you've been playing poker or where you are in your development, LearnWPT Strategy Episodes will help take to the next level!