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Does Studying Really Help Your Game? (Just Ask Tony...)

Tony TOC final table heads-up - optmizd.jpg

Making a commitment to study poker seems silly to some people.

In fact, I am sure you’ve often heard it from friends, co-workers, and family members: “Poker is gambling and at the end of the day, you need to be lucky to win at gambling”.

The next time you hear this all too familiar refrain, show them to this tweet from LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst...

There’s no denying Tony’s resume as a world-class player. His achievements include a WPT title and WSOP bracelet, and he’s certainly seen just about every approach to success in poker during his 15 years in the game.

So, you should take this world-class player’s example and start your study plan today with a $5 first month membership to

To give you some extra motivation and show you how Tony made 2019 one of his best years ever as a Pro, you'll get exclusive access to Tony’s Strategy Episodes (21 BONUS videos!) as part of your $5 First Month Membership to

Tony Episodes - cropped.png

These videos are normally only available to Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members so this offer will only be available until March 31, 2020.

Join today and get started on proving all the doubters wrong and get on a path to constant improvement (like Tony did!).

What Else Do You Get with a $5 First Month Membership?

Membership Features collage resized 650x380.png

  • 16 Strategy Episodes selected by LearnWPT Lead Instructor Nick Binger introducing game-changing concepts
  • The ability to Train and Play Hands using the WPT GTO Trainer for instant feedback on YOUR leaks

Trainer carousel gif - optmzed 500x280.gif

It'll be the best $5 investment you can make to get on the road to poker success!

Study hard and play well,

LearnWPT 2019 Year in Review

2019 blue.jpg

Our goal for 2019 was to create new ways to help LearnWPT Members improve their poker game.

We accomplished that goal by adding new game-elevating features, advanced content, additional ways to interact more with our Pros, and more. All with the help of feedback from YOU.

Here’s a recap of the best from 2019:

YIR - New Features Released.jpg
Trainer - All Streets - optmzd.gif

Nick Binger and the Development Team spent most of 2019 creating the The WPT GTO Trainer where Members can now practice and learn Game Theory Optimal Strategies used by the world's greatest players by simply playing hands of poker.

The Community Forums were created in 2019 for Students to join in and discuss all things poker with Nick, Eric, LuckyChewy, and fellow Members.

We've also made it much easier to improve your game with our new Membership Tiers. Now you can choose the Membership to best fit your budget, schedule, and stage in your development

YIR - Work Youve Put In.jpg
GTO Dashboard - Packs sorted no nav.png

  • Viewed 99 New Strategy Videos
  • Reviewed 100 New Poker Hands
  • Voted 224,335 times to Fold, Call, Check, or Raise
  • Played 100+ different WPT GTO Training Packs using over 1 Billion Solved Hands
  • Received 1100+ Answers to Ask a Pro Questions
  • Submitted 770+ HIT Hands for Analysis
  • Attended 315 Minutes of Webinars
  • Downloaded 12 New Studying Tools

YIR - Family.jpg
Tony Dunst TOC.png

LearnWPT Member Sue bested a field of 1,713 to win her 1st WSOP Bracelet (and over $120K).

The World Poker Tour interviewed and featured LearnWPT Students Scott & Lisa in an article highlighting their phenomenal summer.

LearnWPT Instructors Tony Dunst and Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger had huge 2nd place wins in 2019...

Tony added $250K to his bankroll in the Baccarat Crystal World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions and Chewy banked $917K in the WSOP 50K High Roller!

YIR - 2019 Top 5.jpg
Top 5 v1.jpg

Most Watched Episodes

Most Voted Poker Hands

Most Memorable Moments

YIR - Live Workshops.jpg
Live Event collage-optmzd.png

We hosted Live Workshops in Los Angeles, Vegas, and Atlantic City which included:

YIR -We Appreciate.jpg

To all of our current, former, and future Members - THANK YOU for a great year and for being a part of LearnWPT!

The LearnWPT Development Team is hard at work on several Enhanced Features and we look forward to helping your game grow in 2020.

We'll see you online,
- LearnWPT

WPT GTO Trainer: Get Started

GTO Header Image-cropped.png

With the WPT GTO Trainer!

There have been many poker “trainers” in the past that allowed you to play poker hands for practice. However, these have been powered by people’s opinions of what is good play and not true Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy.

What makes WPT’s GTO Trainer different?

  • The WPT GTO Trainer allows you to play through true Nash equilibrium solutions to various No-Limit Hold'em poker Scenarios (over 1 BILLION solved spots and counting!)
  • Get instant feedback on the precise EV (Expected Value) Loss of every move you make
  • Rapidly plug leaks and learn the GTO strategies that have dominated the highest stakes games in the world

OK, time to get started...


To play the WPT GTO Trainer without the need for screen adjustment between hands, simply add as a shortcut to your iOS and Android mobile device.

Trainer - Mobile - Seamlessly - Android Chrome.png

Click below for a few simple steps to train optimally using the GTO Trainer from a mobile device:


Using the WPT GTO Trainer is fast and easy! Members can click TRAINER in the top navigation bar or mobile menu.

Navigation Bar - Trainer Highlighted.png


Members must be logged in to your Membership to start Training.

GTO Dashboard - Packs sorted no nav - marked up.png

1) Select the Specific Spot you want to train from the available list of Scenarios (ex: MP2 Open vs Button Call).

  • Spots will be either a Cash Game or Tournament Scenario (labeled as Cash or MTT)
  • Click the drop down box to select what game type or strategy you would like to train
  • Note: You can select multiple options in the drop down menu to narrow your search

2) When selecting the Spot to train, take note of the Effective Stack size in Big Blinds and Pot Size information to consider when making your decision (see image below for example). These factors will remain constant at the start of each new hand based on the specific Scenario you’ve selected.

Here are some additional tips for choosing which spot to train:

  • Your Position and Action (Hero) is always listed first in the Scenario name
  • Each Scenario will have you training from either In Position or Out of Position (noted in the description of Scenario action)
  • Cash Game Scenarios use a green table
  • Tournament Scenarios use a blue table

GTO - Dashboard Training Pack -  New Logo.png

3) The description of Scenario explains the Preflop action.

  • Example - MP2 Open vs Button Call Scenario:
    • The Hero (you) are the MP2 player and Open to 2.5 BB preflop
    • The Button player (Villain) calls and everyone else folds
    • Action starts with the flop and 7.5 BB in the pot

4) View the Hand Range Charts per Position for this Scenario.

  • The hand range charts for Hero and Villain show respective ranges going to the flop (after their last preflop action)
  • Percentages listed in specific hand combos indicate the frequency with which those specific hands are in the range
  • Lighter or darker shades of each color also visually indicate the frequency for these hands.
    • The LAST preflop aggressor's hand range is shown in red
    • The preflop caller's hand range is shown in green

Select the image of the hand range charts per position (ie MP2 or Button) to expand to a larger view


After selecting the Scenario you wish to train, simply click or tap on the START NEW SESSION button to start!

GTO - New Session - New Logo.png


Click START NEW SESSION and you will instantly be faced with a postflop decision based on the Scenario you chose after.

Trainer - Flop Action.gif

1) You'll immediately be faced with your first decision.

  • Choose Fold, Call, Check, Bet, or Raise by clicking the button
  • Bet sizing options are those commonly recommended by GTO Play
  • Villain’s responses to your decisions are GTO - you’ll often face multiple decisions in a hand

2) After each decision, you'll see the EV Loss and Played % for your action directly on the table.

  • EV (Expected Value) Loss - This shows the number of big blinds you would lose against a GTO player if you took this action
  • Played % - This shows how often a GTO Player would take the same action you took

Remember - EV Loss of 0.00 does not mean the GTO Player would take that action 100% of the time (the difference is due balancing hand ranges through mixed strategies and maximizing EV for your overall range)

Trainer - All Streets - optmzd.gif

3) Your goal is to select the action for each individual hand that is as close to 0.00 EV as possible.

  • EV Loss of 0.00 is the same action a GTO Player would take
  • 0.00 EV Loss means you broke even against a GTO Player

4) The Ideal GTO Action is noted in the top center of the table.

  • A green check-mark next to your action means it is GTO
  • Next is the action a GTO Player would take and how often they would take that specific action
  • Ideal Action and Frequency are displayed so you know the GTO play for each action immediately

GTO Trainer - Ideal Action 11-12.png

5) Multiple actions in a given spot are often "correct" according to GTO Play.

  • GTO Play has many mixed strategies, where plays are made a specific percentage of the time
  • You will often see actions with a very low EV Loss (e.g. -0.01) and a reasonable Played % (e.g. 35%)
    • These actions are not "wrong" and are part of a balanced overall GTO strategy.
    • However, if a play results in high EV Loss (color coded in red), you should generally avoid that play unless you have compelling exploitative reasons to make it against a specific opponent

GTO Trainer - EV Percent Played - markedup.png

  • If the Percentage Played for an action is 1% or less, then that action is rarely taken by a GTO Player and you should generally avoid that play
    • If you do take an action with a Played % of 1% or less, all subsequent decisions will display "N/A" in red, since that entire line should be avoided.

EV Loss Color Coding Hint:
Green = Near GTO Play, Orange = Take Caution, Red = Probable Leak in Your Game


GTO Trainer - Tips.png

  • Toggle the AUTO ADVANCE button to advance to the next hand decision automatically (green - default) or manually (red)
  • Click the FULL SCREEN button for a large view
  • Review these instructions anytime by clicking the HOW TO PLAY button
  • Click the EXIT SESSION button to complete your Training Session and review your stats on the Session Summary Page


You’ve put in the work, now you can start to see where your specific leaks are for each Scenario. Your Session Summary will break down your hand compared to GTO Play.

GTO Trainer - Session Summary Dashboard.png

Reading and Interpreting the Data:


1) Overall EV Loss in big blinds Per 100 hands played.

  • Goal is to get as close to 0.00 as you can
  • 0.00 EV Loss is impossible for humans to attain in the long run
  • Do your best and focus on strategic spots giving you the most trouble
    • Do not be discouraged by a high EV Loss in the beginning. When new to GTO Trainer, it's very common for players to have an EV Loss of -50.00 BBs/100 or more

2) Number of Hands Played in your Session

  • Sample size is important when considering relevant statistics
  • A minimum of 200 hands is the recommended sample size to start seeing stats for your play
  • Schedule a set number of hands each day to practice a specific Scenario and keep track of your progress

GTO - Aggression Key Stats -  New Logo.png


3) AGGRESSION gives an instant snapshot of the key actions You (shown in Red) are taking across all hands played vs what actions a GTO Player (shown in Blue) would take

  • Don't Worry, if you initially have a huge gap in one direction vs GTO - this is not uncommon

Hover over the bar graph to see the number of hands in that session each action was taken by you vs a GTO Player


GTO - Types of Hands - New Logo.png

1) HAND TYPES compare your play to GTO Play divided by the different categories of hands (i.e. pairs, flushes, trips, etc).

  • Your Action is on the top bar and GTO Play is the bottom bar

Green (aggressive action) = Bet or Raise, Yellow (passive action) = Check or Call, Red = Fold. A color key to be implemented shortly!

2) How to read your results - in this example from the dashboard image for the PAIR hand category shown above:

  • You chose to either Check or Call 67% of the time and Fold 33% of the time when you had a 1-Pair hand in this given scenario (top line of the bar graph)
  • GTO Strategy is to Bet/Raise 17% of the time, Check/Call 67% of the time, and Fold 17% of the time (bottom line of the bar graph)

3) If the top line results are very different from bottom line results (after a large number of hands played) then you know you are playing those hand types differently than how a GTO Player would play them. These are the spots you want to study first.

Don’t get intimidated by the many stats listed or if there are big differences between your play and GTO Play. Keep training the same Scenario and focus on your biggest leak before you play each Session. Before you know it you’ll be closer to 0.00 EV Loss (and GTO Play!).


GTO Hand Breakdown 11-12.png

1) HAND BREAKDOWN displays all of the hands you've played in a session listed by hand type, position, board summary, and EV Loss.

  • Click the REPLAYER button next to a specific hand played to show the action unfold and review for study later
  • Have questions about that hand? After replaying the hand click the ASK A PRO button to send your hand the LearnWPT Pros for analysis using the Ask a Pro Feature

GTO Trainer - Replayer Button.png

2) Select a specific hand played to see these details:

  • BOARD - Shows the specific rank and suit for each street dealt (flop, turn, river)
  • ACTION - The action Hero (you) chose on that street (bet/raise, call/check, fold)
  • GTO PLAY % - Percentage of time a GTO Player would take a specific action if faced with the same decision
  • EV LOSS - The number of big blinds your action would lose against a GTO player
    • Evaluate EV Loss in Proportion to Pot size
    • An EV Loss of -1.00 is significant in a 6.5 BB pot. It is far less significant in a 100 BB pot
    • The color coding of EV Loss on the Trainer table takes into account pot size

3) Each street of action is broken down with a color coded bar graph noting the specific actions a GTO player would take if faced with the same decision as HERO, including the percentage of time a GTO player would take those specific actions.

GTO Trainer - Color Coded Bar Graph.png

  • In the above example our decision to bet 2.50 on the flop you will see that a GTO Player:
    • Checks 56% of the time
    • Bets small 15% of the time
    • Bets large 28% of the time
    • Green = Bet or Raise, Yellow = Check or Call, Red = Fold

4) In some instances you will see gradient shading (lightest to darkest moving left to right) representing the bet-sizing that a GTO Player would choose in a given spot.

GTO Trainer Hand Breakdown - Shading 11-12.png

  • In the example above:
    • Bet/Raise small amount (lightest green)
    • Bet/Raise larger amount (darker green)
    • Bet/Raise largest amount (darkest green)


Review any previous Sessions from the main GTO Trainer Dashboard!

GTO Trainer - Session Review - New Logo.png

1) Select the Spot you would like to review from the list of available Scenarios.

  • The total number of hands played as well as your total EV Loss overall for the specific Scenario are listed for quick reference

2) Click the REVIEW SESSIONS button.

3) Select a Session you played from the list.

  • Overall EV Loss, Session Date, and Total Hands played are listed for each Session within that specific Scenario
  • For best results and rapid improvement start by studying your largest EV Loss Spots
GTO Trainer - Review Session Select.png

4) Click the Blue REVIEW SESSIONS button to get the specific statistics for the individual Session within a Scenario. A session review window will open.


Now that you’ve had a chance to walk through the WPT GTO Trainer it’s time to Play!

Whether you need practice postflop after defending your Big Blind in a Tournament, or you want to drill 3-bet defense from middle position with deep stacks in a Cash Game, it’s just one click away.

Train as often as you like! Get real time feedback on trouble Spots and Ask the LearnWPT Pros with one click.

Play Real GTO Hands Online!
Now Part of Your Membership

For a detailed video walk through of what’s covered here make sure you’re logged in to your LearnWPT Membership and watch Nick introduce the WPT GTO Trainer here and guide you through using the Trainer here.

Need help interpreting the results and strategy on adjusting your game?

Use the LearnWPT Ask a Pro Feature and the Community Forums to get answers and guidance from Nick, Eric, and Chewy. We know you’ll have a lot of questions about GTO Strategy and we’re here to help!

Nick and the LearnWPT Instructors will be showing you plenty of specific ways to use the WPT GTO Trainer to improve your poker game in future Strategy Episodes.

Until then, what are you waiting for...

Click Below And Start Training

Trainer Logo 170x170.png

We Want Your Feedback!
While using the WPT GTO Trainer you can click the blue feedback widget or email [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.

LearnWPT Membership Tiers

We created LearnWPT to make it as easy as possible for anyone to improve their poker game, on their own time and their own terms. A plan for improvement that includes small, consistent amounts of effort over time is the key factor that most often separates winning pros and students of the game from the average poker player.

LearnWPT is excited to announce we've now made it much easier to improve your No-Limit Texas Hold'em game with our NEW Membership Tier Levels. Choose the Membership to best fit your budget, schedule, and stage in your development as a player (upgrade or cancel at anytime on your MY ACCOUNT page).

We've also made it super easy for you to upgrade to the next Tier without waiting for the end of your current term (view your current Membership Tier on your MY ACCOUNT page).

When upgrading your current Subscription Plan to a higher Membership Tier, a prorated credit from your existing plan will be applied to your new plan. You will never lose value by upgrading!

Which Membership Tier is Right for YOU?
See Below to Pick your Plan... First Month of Membership

Membership Tiers - 5 First Month - 16 Episodes.png

All new LearnWPT Members start on the path to playing better poker for just $5. Members can upgrade during their first month at any time.

$5 for Your First 30 Days of Membership gives you access to:

Upgrade anytime to Silver, Gold, or Platinum Membership Levels!

Upgrade to a higher Membership Tier and a prorated credit from your existing plan will be applied to your new plan. You will never lose value by upgrading! SILVER Membership

Tiers - Silver - Highlighted.png

A LearnWPT $29 Monthly Silver Membership or $288 Yearly Silver Membership gives you access to:

Upgrade to a higher Membership Tier and a prorated credit from your existing plan will be applied to your new plan. You will never lose value by upgrading! GOLD Membership

Tiers - Gold - Highlighted.png

A LearnWPT $59 Monthly Gold Membership or $588 Yearly Gold Membership gives you access to:

Bonus: Gold Members receive Early Access to new Features and Live Workshops!

Upgrade to a higher Membership Tier and a prorated credit from your existing plan will be applied to your new plan. You will never lose value by upgrading! PLATINUM Membership

Tiers - Platinum - Highlighted.png

A LearnWPT $99 Monthly Platinum Membership or $996 Yearly Platinum Membership gives you access to:

Bonus: Platinum Members receive Early Access to new Features and Live Workshops!

Note: Upgrade to a higher Membership Tier and a prorated credit from your existing plan will be applied to your new plan. You will never lose value by upgrading!

Learn More About the Membership Features

We've made it easy for you to watch, train, discuss, study, and improve with LearnWPT by using the below Membership Features:

  • WPT GTO Trainer: Play real GTO hands online and as often as you like while getting real time feedback on YOUR trouble spots. The WPT GTO Trainer is laser focused on plugging your leaks and training you for peak performance by allowing you to choose the specific situations that give you the most trouble at the table.

  • Strategy Episodes: Videos in short, easy to digest segments (usually 10-15 minutes) that focus on introducing and reinforcing specific aspects of the game plan. Sort Episodes by cash or tournament, concept, LearnWPT Instructor, and when released.

  • Hand Input Tool (HIT): Hand recording and analysis will make you a better and tougher poker player! Use HIT to record, save, share, and analyze played hands. You can also submit hands you've played for analysis from the LearnWPT Pros.

  • Ask A Pro: Ask any of your poker questions and submit hands that you played to get rapid answers from the LearnWPT Pros.

  • Community Forums: Use the Community Forums to grow your poker family and develop a continuous process for improvement through discussion. The Community forums are a safe place to discuss concepts and strategy with LearnWPT Pros and fellow Members.

  • Poker Hands: Review and practice poker hand decision scenarios all in one place. Pick the poker hand you want to review, and see what our Pros would do.

  • Member Download Area: View and download any of the charts, manuals, and guides we’ve discussed in Strategy Episodes to study with on and off the felt.

  • Q&A Webinars: Attend Live Webinars to interact with the LearnWPT Pros and work on your game together.

Have Questions about LearnWPT?
Email our Support Team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you.

We'll see you online,

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*Offers may not be combined. See our Terms of Service for more details.

Please note: If you choose to downgrade your Subscription Plan, your new plan's pricing will take effect on your renewal date. Features available to your current paid active Membership Tier Subscription Level will be available until the anniversary date.

Word of the Day: Community

com·mu·ni·ty noun /kəˈmyo͞onədē/

1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.


The best players in the game today share ideas and collaborate with their peers within a trusted poker community to improve their play and elevate their game.

How can YOU benefit from being part of a Community of YOUR peers and Instructors?

Well… do you have questions about your poker game like these:

  • What exactly does the term “straddle” mean and is it profitable in your live $1-2 game?
  • After I raised preflop from the SB I wasn’t sure if the best play here was to continue or just check. See my attached HIT hand. Thanks for any input and thoughts…
  • After downloading the first-in hand range charts, does anyone have tips for memorizing the ranges. Does anyone bring them to the tables with them as a guide?
  • After watching Episode #316 today I have a couple questions related to the second hand played where Nick had JJ…
  • Traveling to Vegas … best place for cash live poker 1/2 or 1/3?

These are some of the questions Members are asking and getting advice, feedback, and real strategy help with every day using The LearnWPT Community Forums.

We wanted all LearnWPT Members to have the same sort of positive feedback loop and community the top pros in the game join to better their game.

The LearnWPT Community is a safe place for students of the game to join fellow LearnWPT Members (and our Pros!) to create that loop and:

  • Discuss concepts or issues they are encountering on the path to being a better player
  • Receive feedback from peers on how they played a hand
  • Find answers about strategy and concepts they are unsure of
  • Expand their poker feedback loop to develop a continuous process for improvement
  • Talk all things poker related!

Want to learn more about this powerful tool?

Click the button below to watch a special video from Nick Binger as he walks you through this exciting LearnWPT Member Feature.

Instructors Nick Eric Chewy - optmzd.png

P.S. LearnWPT Instructors Nick Binger, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, and Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger visit the Community often to answer questions and join Member discussions!

Logo-Stacked black on white cropped.jpg

Think Like a Pro

Have Questions about LearnWPT?
Contact our support team at [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

Are You Using The Hand Input Tool?

If yes, THANK YOU and congratulations on taking another step in improving your game!

If no, let's change that today!

So, what exactly is HIT?

The Hand Input Tool (HIT), is the newest LearnWPT feature that allows Members to capture, replay, and share real hands they've played and receive analysis and feedback from friends, other members, and LearnWPT Pros.

See below for info, hints, and the benefits of this powerful feature:

Getting Started:

Hit - Getting Started-reszd.png

Login and access HIT from the top navigation bar or via the mobile menu. For more instructions watch the "Show Me How it Works" video on the HIT Dashboard or review Episode 226: Hand Input Tool (HIT).

Recording your hand:

  1. To begin, click the red ENTER A HAND NOW BUTTON.
  2. Select Cash or Tournament and enter the Blinds Amount, Type of Ante, Number of Players, then click the NEXT button.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to record the hand information and street action.

  • Helpful Hint: Click the STOP icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to stop the hand at a specific point for analysis before getting to showdown

Receiving Feedback:

Hit - Ask a Pro-reszd.png

Members can submit their recorded HIT hands to Nick Binger and the LearnWPT Pros for analysis of their play and get answers to questions about a specific move or strategy using the Ask a Pro Feature.

Sending your hand in for feedback:

  1. Once finished recording your hand, the action will replay and a pop-up will appear noting options for your hand.
  2. Click the ASK A PRO button to submit your hand for analysis.
  3. Enter a title, your question or comment, and click the SEND YOUR QUESTION button.
  4. That's it! The LearnWPT Pros will provide feedback shortly.

HIT Helpful Hints:

HIT - Notes-reszd.png

Personalize your saved hands and notes! Our goal is to make HIT an easy to use and personal experience. We'll send helpful hints each month so be sure to share with us any suggestions.

Did you know you can:

  1. Replay, edit, or delete hands you've saved from your HAND LIBRARY by clicking the thumbnail image and vertical ellipsis.
  2. Update the name of a hand by clicking the NL Cash or NL Tourney fields in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Take notes for each session by clicking the notepad with pencil icon in the top right corner of the screen. Enter personal notes (they will remain private) about the session and click SAVE NOTES.
  4. Change the name/nickname of a player and their chip stack by clicking their position tile. Update the PLAYER NAME and CHIP STACK fields then click the NEXT button.

Giving Feedback:

HIT - Feedback 1.jpg

At LearnWPT we are always looking for ways to improve your poker education experience. We created HIT to give Members a tool that will help take their game to the next level and we need your input.

Tell us what you think:

  1. Do you have any suggestions to make HIT better? Many of the improvements we implement come from Member suggestions!
  2. Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think by sending us an email or filling out this survey: Member Feedback
  3. If you encounter any bugs or have questions about how to use the Hand Input Tool let please us know.

  • Helpful Hint: Click the blue Feedback & Bug Reports button in the right hand corner of a HIT recording if you experience issues

The habit of recording hands you've played followed by analysis (and feedback) creates a positive feedback loop for improvement which allows you to find (and fix) leaks faster, while learning to make better decisions at the table.

We are exited to provide this invaluable tool for our Members to help create that loop and to provide them with guidance and helpful feedback.

Thanks for being a part of LearnWPT!

-The LearnWPT Team

Not a LearnWPT Member But Want
to Use the Hand Input Tool?

Logo-Stacked black on white cropped.jpg

Visit and join for just $5 your first month of Membership.

In addition to the Hand Input Tool you’ll also have access to these game-changing Member Features:

If you have any questions regarding LearnWPT, please contact our support team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Introducing the LearnWPT Community Forums!

We are excited to announce the newest Member Feature
LearnWPT Community Forums!

Watch the above video from LearnWPT Lead Instructor Nick Binger as he introduces this exciting new LearnWPT Member Feature.

To access the LearnWPT Community Forums click the below link or COMMUNITY from the top black navigation bar or mobile menu!

Please note: You must be signed in to your LearnWPT Membership to view and post on the Community Forums.

Community page - nav highlight.png

We know that one of the most challenging aspects of improving your poker game is the feeling of being alone on your journey and not having a team (or better yet a community) to support your poker goals.

That’s why we created the brand-new LearnWPT Community!

Now you can join fellow LearnWPT Members in discussion about all things poker by using the community forums to talk Cash and Tournament concepts, or just about anything poker related in the General Discussion forum.

P.S. The LearnWPT Pros will be popping in regularly to join in a discussion!

Some Pointers and Guidelines:

  • Create or respond to a post: Select the appropriate Forum (currently cash, tournament, or general discussion – more to come!) and click the NEW TOPIC button.

  • Community username: To change your Community username (which is the same as your Ask a Pro username) visit the My Account Page. Click the change username & hometown link under Basic Info and save.

  • Upload an avatar image: To create a profile avatar click either your name in a post or by the VIEW MY POSTS link to visit your Community Profile. Click the EDIT PROFILE button and upload an image!

  • Interested in comments for a specific post? Click the green SUBSCRIBE button when viewing the post. Click Subscriptions on the main page to quickly find and view those saved topics.

  • Want to discuss a HIT hand you’ve played? After clicking the NEW TOPIC button, enter the subject line and message. Next select HIT in the message controls (see image below), select the hand you wish to discuss from your HIT LIBRARY, and SUBMIT.
Community - HIT embed - v2.gif

  • Join in the discussion: Click the blue POST REPLY button to add your comments and questions to a topic.

  • Code of Conduct: The LearnWPT Community is a place where all people are welcome and can participate, regardless of expertise or identity. This Community is rooted in kindness, collaboration, and mutual respect.

  • Can we still use Ask a Pro? Don’t worry… we know that you still want direct answers from the experts. You can still ask your most pressing poker questions and get answers directly from the LearnWPT Instructors using video or written Ask a Pro!

We Want Your Feedback!

We’re excited to hear your feedback or if you encounter any bugs so please make sure you share it with us by contacting [email protected] or by clicking the red NEED HELP? button to let us know how we can improve the Forums.

We’ll be adding new features and sub-forums soon, so please make sure you let us know what features you’d like to see.

Use the LearnWPT Community to expand your poker feedback loop and develop a continuous process for improvement through discussion.

Thank you for being part of LearnWPT!

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Think Like a Pro

Visit and join for just $5 your first month of Membership.

In addition to the Community Forums you’ll also have access to these game-changing Member Features:

If you have any questions regarding LearnWPT
, please contact our support team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

LearnWPT 2018 Year in Review


2018 Was an exciting year for us at LearnWPT!

We've added game-changing features, new strategy content, instructors to our team of pros, and more all with the help of feedback from YOU.

To all of our current, former, and future Members - Thank you for a great year!

Here’s a recap of the best of LearnWPT from 2018:

2018 Year in Review - New Features Released.png
HIT - What Happed Preflop - optmzd.png

In 2018 we released two new features to help make it easier to interact directly with the LearnWPT team of Instructors. The Hand Input Tool was created to help users record hands they've played using our software to share to friends or LearnWPT for analysis.

We've also started a Q&A Webinar series for Members to join in and discuss all things poker with Nick, Eric, Chewy, and the LearnWPT Team.

2018 Year in Review - Work You've Put in.png

Push Fold Charts animated 250w.gif

  • Viewed 103 New Videos
  • Reviewed 92 New Poker Hands
  • Received 1000+ Answers to Ask a Pro Questions
  • Submitted 500+ HIT Hands for Pro Analysis
  • Downloaded 10 New Tools

You've also Recorded Video Questions with 50+ Featured in 23 Strategy Episode!

2018 Year in Review - Welcome to LearnWPT.png
Instructors Tony Chewy - optmzd.png

Last year WSOP Bracelet winner, WPT Champion, and host of the World Poker Tour Tony Dunst and WSOP Bracelet winner, WPT Alpha8 Champion, and author Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger joined the LearnWPT Team of Instructors!

Tony and LuckyChewy will join Danielle, Jared, Chris, Eric, and Nick in providing expert analysis as they walk us through the thought process of winnings players and help you in your quest for improvement.

2018 Year in Review - Top 5.png

Most Watched Episodes


Most Voted Poker Hands


Most Memorable Moments

Top 5.jpg

  1. Manju's Success Story
  2. WPT500 Seat Contest
  3. Member Mental Game
  4. Profiles analyzed by Jared
  5. Q&A Video Series - You asked, Nick answered
  6. Danielle's WSOP FT

2018 Year in Review - Live Workshops.png
Commerce Group Photo 2018.jpg

We've hosted Live Events in Los Angeles, Vegas, and Atlantic City which included:

  • Two Tournament Strategy Workshops
  • Three $3500 WPT Seats Won at Live Workshop Satellites
  • Brand-New Advanced Tournament Strategy
  • Brand-New Advanced Cash Game Strategy
  • Offered Members up to $500 off Workshops

2018 Year in Review - Coming Soon.png

The LearnWPT development team is hard at work on several enhanced features including:

Coming Soon - animated.gif

  • Online Community for Members to talk poker with their peers
  • Personalized Dashboard with ask a pro questions, progress, and more
  • In-Person Lab Day Experiences
  • Tag and Organize Episodes


When we started LearnWPT, our goal was to make it as easy as possible for anyone to improve their poker game and we look forward to helping your game grow in 2019.

Have feedback or suggestions for future features? Email us at [email protected] or send them to us here.

We'll see you online,

You are Short Stacked in a Tournament, what do you do?

Push Folds charts resized and optimized marked up gif.gif

The first thing is DON'T PANIC!

The second thing is check which Hand Ranges you should be shoving all-in with when you are first-in to the pot given your stack size and position.

How? By quickly reviewing the BRAND-NEW interactive Push/Fold Charts created by LearnWPT and short stack specialist, Chris Wallace.

Push Folds Charts - markedup.png

  • Visit the Tools Dashboard
  • Click the View Charts button to open the interactive Push/Fold Charts
  • Select Big Blinds in your stack
  • Select "With Antes" or "Without Antes"
  • Find the number of players behind
  • That's it! These ranges will be the most profitable to move all-in with

Helpful hint: bookmark the Push/Folds Charts page for quicker access

Learning how to utilize the short and awkward stack will improve your ability to get chips without good cards, even in the toughest games.

Watch more about the the fundamentals of Chris Wallace's world-class short stack strategy by reviewing Strategy Episode 168: Short Stack Play - Overview.

If you have questions about the Push/Fold Charts send your questions in using the Ask a Pro feature or contact [email protected]

P.S. You must be logged in to your Monthly or Yearly Membership to view the Push/Fold charts!

Meet LearnWPT Pro Chris Wallace!

Chris Wallace round optimized.png

Chris, known to the poker world simply as “Fox”, is a professional poker player, poker coach, and widely respected theorist and author on the game. Chris would contend that he's known more as a coach than as a player, having served as coach and mentor to several successful players. Read Chris's Full Bio →

Welcome to the Hand Input Tool (HIT)!

LearnWPT is excited to invite Members to try our newest feature, the Hand Input Tool (HIT)!

The Hand Input Tool (HIT) allows you to capture, replay, and share real hands you've played and receive analysis and feedback from friends, other members, and the LearnWPT Pros. Any hands you save in HIT will be stored in your own Library.

Recording hands you've played, followed by analysis (with feedback), is one of the most powerful ways to improve your game. This habit creates a positive feedback loop for improvement which allows you to find (and fix) leaks faster, while learning to make better decisions at the table.

Updated Navigation Bar:

Navigation Bar - HIT.png


Mobile Menu - HIT - optmzd.png

To access the Hand Input Tool click the HIT button in the top navigation bar or in the mobile menu (see images). You can also access HIT by clicking the following url:

Note: You must be signed in to you LearnWPT Membership to view and save hands to your Hand Library or send hands to the Pros for analysis.

Hand Library:

HIT Dashboard markedup - optmzd.png

You can review or edit saved hands and enter new hands from the HIT Hand Library Dashboard (we recommend watching the Show Me How it Works video as Nick walks you through how to use this new Tool).

Expert Analysis:

Hit - Ask a Pro-reszd.png

Not sure if you played a hand correctly or have a question about your decision?
Send your hand to the LearnWPT Team for analysis and feedback by clicking the Ask a Pro button and get real feedback from winning Pros!

We Want Your Feedback!

HIT - Bug report - optmzd.png

So if you encounter any bugs, or have any questions about how to use this feature please click the blue Feedback & Bug Reports button to let us know how we can improve HIT.

Take the next step in improving your game by using HIT!

Be sure to watch Strategy Episode 226 as LearnWPT Pro Nick Binger shows a fast and efficient method for capturing and sharing your hands for analysis directly to the LearnWPT Pros using this game-changing new tool!

We'll see you online,