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LearnWPT 2019 Year in Review

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Our goal for 2019 was to create new ways to help LearnWPT Members improve their poker game.

We accomplished that goal by adding new game-elevating features, advanced content, additional ways to interact more with our Pros, and more. All with the help of feedback from YOU.

Here’s a recap of the best from 2019:

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Trainer - All Streets - optmzd.gif

Nick Binger and the Development Team spent most of 2019 creating the The WPT GTO Trainer where Members can now practice and learn Game Theory Optimal Strategies used by the world's greatest players by simply playing hands of poker.

The Community Forums were created in 2019 for Students to join in and discuss all things poker with Nick, Eric, LuckyChewy, and fellow Members.

We've also made it much easier to improve your game with our new Membership Tiers. Now you can choose the Membership to best fit your budget, schedule, and stage in your development

YIR - Work Youve Put In.jpg
GTO Dashboard - Packs sorted no nav.png

  • Viewed 99 New Strategy Videos
  • Reviewed 100 New Poker Hands
  • Voted 224,335 times to Fold, Call, Check, or Raise
  • Played 100+ different WPT GTO Training Packs using over 1 Billion Solved Hands
  • Received 1100+ Answers to Ask a Pro Questions
  • Submitted 770+ HIT Hands for Analysis
  • Attended 315 Minutes of Webinars
  • Downloaded 12 New Studying Tools

YIR - Family.jpg

LearnWPT Member Sue bested a field of 1,713 to win her 1st WSOP Bracelet (and over $120K).

The World Poker Tour interviewed and featured LearnWPT Students Scott & Lisa in an article highlighting their phenomenal summer.

LearnWPT Instructors Tony Dunst and Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger had huge 2nd place wins in 2019...

Tony added $250K to his bankroll in the Baccarat Crystal World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions and Chewy banked $917K in the WSOP 50K High Roller!

YIR - 2019 Top 5.jpg
Top 5 v1.jpg

Most Watched Episodes

Most Voted Poker Hands

Most Memorable Moments

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Live Event collage-optmzd.png

We hosted Live Workshops in Los Angeles, Vegas, and Atlantic City which included:

YIR -We Appreciate.jpg

To all of our current, former, and future Members - THANK YOU for a great year and for being a part of LearnWPT!

The LearnWPT Development Team is hard at work on several Enhanced Features and we look forward to helping your game grow in 2020.

We'll see you online,
- LearnWPT

Creating a Winning Habit

We know, you want it all now….

The calendar has just turned over and 2020 is gonna be your year, no matter what it takes. You’re committed to making the changes that will transform your game and your life.

  • Effortless decision-making
  • A dynamic game-plan that accounts for all the situations you’ll face at the table
  • A calm and unshakable mental game
  • And maybe even to shed a few pounds from the holidays 🍗

But we both know that in order to make a real change it takes small pieces of consistent effort over time.

We see it each January... everyone rushes to join the local gym in attempt to affect change immediately. You can barely find a parking space, let alone an open treadmill or weight machine.

Fast forward to March 1st.... you can pick any machine and park with ease! Everyone who made the big commitment to exercise and make a change is gone.

So how can YOU avoid the January rush and the March drop-off in your game? Simple, commit to a cycle of constant improvement.

It’s a fact that new habits take time to form, a little over 2 months on average (p.s. 2 months of LearnWPT will cost you only $34!).

Not sure how to do that for your poker game? Here are some suggestions to get started today:


  • Choose one section of your game that you want to improve such as preflop play, and commit to memorizing hand ranges by position. Pick a hand range to try and memorize for 15 min a day then move on to the next range.


Episode - HIT 262 - optmzd.png

  • Schedule time on your calendar to study by watching Strategy Episodes on Block out 15 mins twice a week with no distractions and watch an Episode to reinforce a strategy or to start learning a new concept.

Trainer - EV Loss.png

  • Practice strategies by playing 25 hands each day using the WPT GTO Trainer. You'll find specific leaks, narrowed down to hand categories and specific actions, by playing solved poker hands. There’s no grey area, simply play, review your Session Data, and see which leak is YOUR biggest.

Winning players train consistently to change bad habits and sharpen decision-making.

Let LearnWPT help you build the same consistency, one day at a time!

That’s what we’re here for.

Join now for just $5 and you'll also have the ability to Ask a Pro all of your poker questions.

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Your 2020 Poker Resolution Starter Guide

2019 Happy New Year resize.jpg

It’s that time again to turn the page and look ahead to a brand-new year full of exciting possibilities!

How are you planning on making your poker game better in 2020?

If you want to start 2020 on the path to improvement, I recommend following this list of Poker Resolutions:

  1. Make sure your Preflop Raises are sized properly to thin the field to just one or two opponents.

  2. Begin using Board Texture to guide postflop decisions.

I can’t stress enough how critical it is to apply these two concepts before you start trying to make any other changes to your poker game.

These two ideas are so important that we want all of our Students to have watched them before they even join LearnWPT (which is why we give them to you for free)!

Now, if you're ready to take the next step and you already have those two concepts down, I'd recommend you add these Resolutions:

  1. Assign Ranges based on your opponent's seat Position:

    a) study what hands to play preflop when you are the first person to put money into the pot
    b) stay consistent with your raise-sizing
    c) put each player in the hand on a range preflop and then try to narrow it as the action continues

  2. Think about and set Poker Goals by:

    a) reflecting on your past goals and results
    b) setting process and results oriented goals
    c) understanding "why" poker is important to YOU

  3. Practice and Evaluate play to improve faster by:

    a) writing down key details for hands you have trouble with
    b) playing 25 hands a day on the WPT GTO Trainer
    c) setting up a feedback loop using the Hand Input Tool to record and share hands you've played for analysis from LearnWPT Pros

If you've already made all of these "starter" resolutions part of your game, then a Membership with LearnWPT will be the easiest and fastest way to build a strong and dynamic game plan for winning No-Limit Texas Hold'em play.

If you want to jump-start your Tournament game, then a LearnWPT Strategy Workshop is for you! Live Training Workshops are the fastest, most comprehensive, and fun way to radically change the way you play poker.

Here's to making winning decisions in 2020!
-Nick Binger

So what are YOUR Poker Resolutions?

Post your answers in the comments below because it helps to write your resolutions down... and you may help another player realize what they need to be focusing on!

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Let’s talk about poker goals…

Smart Goals-optmzd.jpg

But these won't be just ANY poker goals. Today we are talking about S.M.A.R.T. goals.

What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

Specific: Instead of saying, "I'm going to start winning at poker", one could say, "I'm going to plug leaks in my cash game spending 30 minutes a week watching LearnWPT Strategy Episodes and reviewing notes I take to make sure I am applying what I learn at the table."

Measurable: Progress must be trackable. Setting concrete milestones for assessing your progress allows you to adjust based on your results. Not sure how you are doing? Ask our LearnWPT Pros along the way for their advice using the Ask a Pro or Hand Input Tool feature.

Attainable: Maybe you want to become a WPT Champion, but you haven't yet won a WPT event. Better to start with something like: "Grow my poker bankroll to $_____ where I can comfortably play in a WPT Tournament" or "Attend a LearnWPT Live Workshop for interactive professional training".

Relevant: This means that the goal fits into your real life situation, skills, and desires. An irrelevant poker goal to set would be to play poker only on days that start with the letter "T". 😉

Time-Bound: This means your goal has a "when" associated with it. That could mean, "I'll play every Saturday for the next 4 weeks", or it could mean, "I'll join LearnWPT and review a strategy video every other day for 30 days". As long as you account for time, your on your way to setting a SMART goal!

So right now... try articulating your SMART poker goal. Say it out loud to yourself, write it down, and keep it somewhere visible!

One post-it note with a SMART goal in it in the right place can work WONDERS for your motivation!!

Much success,

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What is the Big Blind Ante?

Check out Matt Savage's recent article as he explains the benefits and rules of the new Big Blind Ante structure and why the World Poker Tour is adopting it.

So... what strategic adjustments should you be making because of the new BB Ante format?

The answer might surprise you....

Watch the below preview of LearnWPT Strategy Episode 237 as Nick Binger answers a Member submitted question from our Ask a Pro feature regarding adjustments for the new Big Blind Ante structure:

HIT - BBA Markup - optmzd.png

Some key take away's from Matt Savages' article regarding the new Big Blind Ante structure all players should know:

  • There will be one single ante posted for the whole table by the player in the Big Blind.
  • The ante is posted first and players from any position will be eligible to win the entire ante regardless of chip stack.
  • Antes never reduce until end of tournament.
  • In regards to payouts, if two players are all-in at same table and one is in the Big Blind, (a) the Big Blind gets credit for ante first, (b) the player out of the big blind gets full credit for ante, and (c) the ante is considered dead in the pot.
  • Dealers, staff, and players alike have universally claimed how much easier and more efficient it is. Dealers do not have to remind distracted players to post their antes every hand.
  • More hands are being dealt, allowing structures to remain deeper for longer portions of tournaments.
  • There are less chips in play and less need to make change.

"The TDA and I share a mantra of consistency and, whether or not you personally agree, you should live with the change to be consistent for the benefit of the players. I know that big blind ante is a great change to no-limit hold’em poker tournaments. The big blind ante is here to stay! The bottom line is that BBA is faster and downright better!"

- Matt Savage


Members can send us any questions or hands they've played using the BBA and receive expert answers and analysis from the LearnWPT Instructors using the popular Ask a Pro feature and Hand Input Tool.

What do you think of the new Big Blind Ante?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Think Like a Pro

We created LearnWPT with the goal to provide a place that empowers players to ask questions, help get them focused, and provide a solid game-plan to bring to the table every time they sit down.

Some of the ways we accomplish this is by:

  • Teaching and presenting examples of proven, winning concepts through our Strategy Episodes (short 10-15 min videos)
  • Having Members Practice, Drill, and Play Hands using the WPT GTO Trainer for instant feedback on their decisions
  • Providing a place where Members can send questions to receive answers and guidance with the Ask a Pro feature
  • Giving Members the ability to record and send hands they've played to receive expert analysis using the Hand Input Tool

Not a Member?
Click below to join (just $5 your first month) and start improving your game today!

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Fix Your Game With LearnWPT!

Most poker players have the desire to succeed, but lack the tools and the proper plan to follow through on their desire.

That's where LearnWPT comes in!

We designed for poker players who need the right game-plan, playing habits, and complete strategy to become consistent winners.

When you join LearnWPT you'll get:

  • For $5 your First Month Membership gain access to our full on-demand library of Strategy Episodes, the LearnWPT features, and jump start your game-plan for success!

  • On-demand access to review and study over 450+ (and counting!) in-depth Strategy Episodes (easily watch and enjoy in 15 minutes... or less).

  • The ability to capture, save, replay, and share real hands you've played using The Hand Input Tool (HIT). Members can also receive analysis and feedback from the LearnWPT Pros!

  • The chance to ask all of your most pressing poker questions and get in-depth answers from the LearnWPT Team with the Ask a Pro Feature.

  • Sharper decision-making skills with Poker Hand Decision scenarios. Test and practice your decisions against LearnWPT Pros with a library of over 350+ (and counting!) thought provoking scenarios.

  • Downloadable Tools you can use to practice key concepts off the felt or reinforce your game plan during play.

The LearnWPT Team of Poker Coaches have taught thousands of players how to win in today's games and have over a decade of teaching experience with the World Poker Tour.

Join LearnWPT today for a permanent fix to the leaks in your game!

Everyone is improving their game, are YOU?

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Do you Play to Win, Place, or Show?

belmont 5.jpg

Your poker game is at the starting gate but you're not sure how to get to the winner's circle?

To become a winning player you need to train and practice in order to change your habits and decision-making process.

But where do you start?

If You're Right at the Starting Gate:

  • Try LearnWPT for just $5 and receive access to our on-demand library of Strategy Episodes that will get your game on the right track to success.
  • You'll learn key concepts like how and when to call raises preflop, how to succeed with your preflop raises, 3-betting, position, and much more!
  • Sharpen your decision-making process using real poker scenarios. The Poker Hand Decision Area for Members is a crucial practice tool to apply what you've learned and compare your decisions to Professional Players.

If You're on Your Way to the Finish Line:

  • Upgrade to a Monthly or Yearly Membership access to our on-demand in-depth library of over 450+ Episodes (upgrade anytime on your MY ACCOUNT page). Watch and study these Episodes to improve and maintain your game on your own time.
  • Ask written or video questions about your game, hands you've played, or concepts you are unsure of and get in-depth answers with the Ask a Pro feature.
  • Practice! Deliberate application of key concepts at the tables is essential to winning at poker. Remember... amateurs play, Pros practice.

If You're Looking to Get on the Fast Track:

In the end, the champions are the ones who work hard and keep their eye on the finish line!

That's what we're here to help you do.


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LearnWPT Tip of the Day - Table Selection

Watch this LearnWPT Tip of the Day on Table Selection!

Are you taking advantage of one of the most overlooked factors that can help you win money in cash games?

All poker games are not created equal. Good poker players know this and use it to their advantage to maximize profits.

Did you know LearnWPT Strategy Episode 13 is all about Table Selection? This Episode is included as part of a LearnWPT membership. LearnWPT Members receive 2 new Episodes per week, plus the ability to ask questions and get answers directly from Pros.

To find out more about how Table Selection can help improve your game, check out today!

When you join LearnWPT for just $5 you'll get:

  • On-demand access to in-depth Strategy Episodes
  • All of your poker questions answered with Ask a Pro
  • Sharper decision-making skills with Poker Hand scenarios

Everyone else is improving their game... are you?

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