Welcome to the Hand Input Tool (HIT)!

LearnWPT is excited to invite Members to try our newest feature, the Hand Input Tool (HIT)!

The Hand Input Tool (HIT) allows you to capture, replay, and share real hands you’ve played and receive analysis and feedback from friends, other members, and the LearnWPT Pros. Any hands you save in HIT will be stored in your own Library.

Recording hands you’ve played, followed by analysis (with feedback), is one of the most powerful ways to improve your game. This habit creates a positive feedback loop for improvement which allows you to find (and fix) leaks faster, while learning to make better decisions at the  table.

Updated Navigation Bar:

To access the Hand Input Tool click the HIT button in the top navigation bar or in the mobile menu (see images). You can also access HIT by clicking the following url:   https://learnwpt.com/learn/hit/

Please note: You must be signed in to LearnWPT in order to view and save hands to your Hand Library or send hands to the LearnWPT Pros for analysis. 

Hand Library:

You can review or edit saved hands and enter new hands from the HIT Hand Library Dashboard (we recommend watching the Show Me How it Works video as Nick walks you through how to use this new Tool):

Expert Analysis:

Not sure if you played a hand correctly or have a question about your decision? Send your hand to the LearnWPT Team for analysis and feedback by clicking the Ask a Pro button. Get real feedback from winning Pros!

We Want Your Feedback!

So if you encounter any bugs, or have any questions about how to use this feature please click the blue Feedback & Bug Reports button to let us know how we can improve HIT.

Take the next step in improving your game by using the Hand Input Tool!

Be sure to watch Strategy Episode 226 as LearnWPT Pro Nick Binger shows a fast and efficient method for capturing and sharing your hands for analysis directly to the LearnWPT Pros using this game-changing new tool!

We’ll see you online,