The WPT GTO Trainer: Interactive Learning Explained


Why Use The WPT GTO Trainer Vs Other GTO Poker Strategy Trainers?

There have been many poker “trainers” in the past that allow you to play poker hands for practice. However, these have been powered by opinions of what is good play and are often based on a specific player’s experience. The poker strategy offered might not consider every factor that influences a poker hand when giving advice.

Unfortunately, human beings have only so much brainpower. These key strategic factors are often difficult to see without the help of cutting-edge technology, and they can make a big difference between a profitable and losing poker session. It’s practically impossible for one person to quickly and accurately tell you what will be the most profitable decision for your poker game in the long run.

Human poker players simply cannot give instant feedback on the correct strategy for every poker decision and show you how to correct mistakes instantly, without doing some serious in-depth analysis first (even poker legend Phil Ivey!).

It’s very unlikely that a human poker player will be able to make the correct decision for a high percentage of hands they play without some real work studying poker strategy off the table. In addition, most humans are not capable of providing poker strategy advice without favoring their own strengths and protecting their weaknesses.

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How Does The WPT GTO Trainer Make It Easy For Anyone To Learn GTO Poker Strategy?

The WPT GTO Trainer allows you to study and learn true Nash equilibrium solutions solved for GTO poker strategy by simply playing poker hands in a user-friendly interface. Game Theory Optimal Poker Strategy is used by the best players in the world to dominate tournaments and cash games and now you can learn these cutting-edge strategies without doing all of the time-consuming research. You don’t need to test your poker strategy theory by trial and error, you just need to train poker GTO strategy with the WPT GTO Trainer.

This cutting-edge poker training tool looks just like a standard online poker game and makes learning GTO strategy simple. Choose a poker situation from your favorites including cash games, tournaments, small stakes cash games, 6-max poker, final table play including ICM adjusted ranges, and heads up play.

Train vital poker skills including continuation betting, big blind defense, button defense, 3-betting, 3-betting defense, and more. For each decision you make, get instant feedback on the precise EV (Expected Value) Loss of each play and see the Ideal Action as recommended by the GTO poker solver right on the screen.

As you play real poker hands solved using real poker GTO strategy your game will quickly be guided closer and closer to GTO play. Quickly review your play at a glance with the Session Summary and see where your leaks are immediately.

Compare your play to correct GTO poker strategy including 1-pair hands, flushes, straights, full houses, and even ace high showdowns. Get in-depth feedback and share hands from the Session Summary directly to the Ask A Pro Feature. With the click of a button, share the replay of the hand that gives you trouble directly to the LearnWPT Pros for expert GTO strategy guidance.

Watch this video for a detailed walkthrough of the WPT GTO Trainer features with LearnWPT Lead Instructor and 2x WSOP Bracelet Winner, Nick Binger!

How Many Flops Does The WPT GTO Trainer Solve For?

When evaluating whether a poker GTO strategy solution is accurate it’s essential to know how many flops the solution solves for. The most experienced GTO poker strategy teachers will solve for 1755 strategically significant flops which ultimately represent all of the 22,100 possible flop combinations in No-Limit Hold’em. Focusing on 1755 strategically significant flops allows for efficient solving of GTO poker strategy solutions and ensures the output will be highly useful in studying situations based on poker GTO strategy.

The most common poker scenarios you’ll face at the tables are solved for poker GTO strategy using exclusive cloud-distributed server technology and transformed into playable online poker hands in the WPT GTO Trainer. The GTO poker strategy solutions utilized by the WPT GTO Trainer are true Nash Equilibrium solutions, not guesstimates.

For every poker scenario, each of the 1755 strategically significant flops in no-limit hold’em are playable. Every spot has been solved to an exploitability of between 0.1% - 0.6% of the pot giving assurance the GTO poker strategy shown by the WPT GTO Trainer is highly accurate. In total, there are over 4 billion poker GTO strategy hands available to play in our database and counting.

How Many Bet Sizes Does The WPT GTO Trainer Use?

The WPT GTO Trainer utilizes a maximum of 3 different bet size options for you to choose from for any decision you are presented with. While GTO poker solvers have the ability to determine the correct strategies using several additional bet sizes, trying to build a GTO poker strategy using too many options is almost impossible in real life.

Using a maximum of 3 bet sizes for GTO poker strategy solutions allows you to train only the most relevant poker situations that you are likely to encounter in most games you play. By sticking to a maximum of 3 bet sizes the WPT GTO Trainer lets you practice key spots with the most realistic simulated responses from your opponent.

Each time you are presented with a decision in the WPT GTO Trainer you’ll learn to choose the correct bet sizing faster based on the real-time feedback you get from each decision. Soon your bet sizing decisions will trend closer and closer to real GTO strategy by simply playing poker hands. You won’t need to worry about setting up poker GTO solvers or having a game plan that is too complex.

Just make the best decision at the moment based on the poker situation you are presented with and learn as you play.

How Easy Is It To Use The WPT GTO Trainer?

If you’ve never worked with a GTO poker solver before, it can be really difficult to create the hand ranges for each player and know how each player's hand range interacts using GTO poker strategy. Solvers can be very intimidating to operate and require advanced GTO poker strategy expertise in order to make the correct assumptions.

Building correct hand ranges based on position, preflop action, and how opponents are likely to proceed involves a high level of experience and in-depth understanding of GTO poker strategy. In order for a GTO poker strategy solver to help your game, it’s essential you have the knowledge to determine the correct actions and incorporate them as part of a balanced game plan.

The WPT GTO Trainer removes this time-consuming and potentially error-filled step and gets you to the correct answer by recreating a GTO poker strategy simulation in a virtual gameplay environment. Simply choose a training pack scenario from the huge selection and start playing hands to learn and practice the GTO poker strategy.

The WPT GTO Trainer is laser-focused on plugging your leaks and training you for peak performance. Learn GTO poker strategy fast by choosing the specific situations that give you the most trouble at the table. Whether you need to practice continuation betting from in position vs out of position, brush up on postflop play after defending your big blind, or you want to drill 3-bet defense from a middle position facing raises from virtually any seat at the table, it’s just one click away.

Simply filter for the poker GTO strategy scenario you want to train today, click the play now button and you will automatically be presented with a flop and hole cards. Choose your action and bet amount for each street and get real-time feedback on your EV Loss, Played Percentage, and Ideal Action right on the screen after you make a decision.

At the end of each GTO poker strategy training session view your Session Summary dashboard to see your data displayed graphically for quick leak identification. Share the hands that generated the biggest EV Loss from your dashboard directly to Ask a Pro for expert feedback (hint, the results will be bright red).

Review your previous session before each day’s training to stay aware of your previous trouble spots and adjust your decisions closer to GTO strategy in real-time during your current training session. Use this cutting-edge poker training tool to practice anytime and anywhere from your favorite internet-connected device.

Check out how powerful this advanced GTO poker strategy training tool is and train with one of the best players in the game.

Play along with WPT Commentator, WPT Champion, 2x WSOP Bracelet Winner, and LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst and learn poker GTO Strategy in this free Strategy Episode.


Learn By Your Own Actions

Range charts, strategy tip sheets, and apps can be useful at the table however they also can be difficult to memorize and can often make the process of understanding GTO strategy more difficult.

GTO poker strategy involves many adjustments based on board texture and opponent actions, and trying to visualize these adjustments based on percentages listed in a chart can be almost impossible.

Learning GTO poker strategy involves adjustments based on board texture and opponent response, including randomizing decisions in certain spots.

There aren’t many players who are skilled enough to memorize all of the possible hand range charts and how they change based on GTO poker strategy in each situation, not to mention take that information to the table and use it in real-time.

The WPT GTO Trainer takes the classwork out of studying GTO strategy poker and forces you to learn by doing. You will develop the mental muscle memory for common No-Limit Hold’em poker scenarios and direct your study time toward the areas you need help with the most, by simply playing solved GTO poker strategy hands.

The WPT GTO Trainer is accessible from all your favorite internet-connected devices from the road or the comfort of home. It’s never been easier to train real GTO poker hands and learn GTO poker strategy thanks to LearnWPT and The World Poker Tour.

The Fastest Way to Learn GTO Strategy

The WPT GTO Trainer allows you to Play and Train against True GTO Opponents and get real-time Feedback and Analysis on Your Actions.

Choose from Cash Game and Tournament scenarios (including Small Stakes cash games, final table ICM, and heads up play) and receive immediate feedback on YOUR play compared to GTO including EV (expected value) Loss, Percentage Played, and the Ideal Action.

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