LearnWPT Member Sue Winning WSOP Gold!

Thousands of poker players descended on the Rio in Las Vegas for 6 weeks of action during the 50th World Series of Poker looking to win a prestigious WSOP Bracelet (and some cash too).

LearnWPT Member Susan Faber was one of those players there to win her first WSOP bracelet.

And guess what? SHE DID!

Sue emerged as the victor in the $500 buy-in Salute to Warriors No-Limit Hold’em event* defeating the field of 1,723 entries and earning $121,161 in the process.

Sue, a 71-year-old tax accountant and recreational poker player, was only woman to win an “open” No-Limit Hold'em event this series.

We recently asked Sue about her WSOP experience, her love of the game, and more…

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LearnWPT: What do you enjoy most about playing poker? How did you get started playing No-Limit Texas Hold’em?

Sue: I started playing poker when my son got me involved in playing on line poker about 10 years ago. I realized I was far behind the other players on the net and started looking for classes I could take to get better. I found that WPT was teaching classes in Las Vegas and traveled there to participate. I took the beginners class and the advance class.

The thing I enjoy the most about playing poker is of course winning but also the social aspect. I have met so many nice people both dealers and people playing the game and have made many good friends.

LearnWPT: Is poker a hobby or do you have more lofty goals for your poker career?

Sue: Poker is a hobby. I would love to play more in live events and plan to do that in 2020.

LearnWPT: Do you play many live tournaments? Why did you pick this specific WSOP event to Play?

Sue: I only play live events now. I picked this event because it was a salute to warriors and I have so much respect and thanks to give to the men and women that serve. My husband also served in the Army.

*According to a report from the WSOP, the funds raised will support the roughly 100,000 U.S. troops and their families. A portion of each buy-in went to the USO. The event raised $43,075 for the charity, which will be used to fund USO projects throughout Southern Nevada.

LearnWPT: How did it make you feel to be playing on the big stage under the lights and on live stream? Were you nervous? How did it feel to have your family and friends there to watch?

Sue: It was definitely an experience of a lifetime it seemed unreal. I was not nervous because I was so concentrated on the game.

I loved having family and friends there to watch and it was an experience of a lifetime for my husband also he was so proud of me.

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LearnWPT: How often do you use LearnWPT.com to improve you game? What specific Member Features do you like about the online training site?

Sue: I use LearnWPT weekly to review past episodes or the new ones that are sent to me.

I love the on-line training site because I can go back and review any aspect of the game I want to at any time. The episodes are so timely and involve so many things that I can add to my game.

LearnWPT: Can you name 3 specific skills or techniques from the LearnWPT.com game plan that helped you win this WSOP bracelet? Can you talk about how or why they helped?

Sue: Learning and memorizing the opening hand ranges helps me to know what cards to play in the position I am in and narrowing what cards my opponents have in their positions.

Knowing when a flop is dry or coordinated and continuation betting after the flop. Short Stack play really helped at the final table.

The mental game with Jared Tendler helped me come back from large losses.

LearnWPT: $121,000 for a $500 investment is a pretty amazing payday. Any big plans for the money?

Sue: $10,000 of it will be saved for the main event next year. I would like to go on a cruise and do some remodeling to my home.

LearnWPT: Aside from poker, what else do you do for fun?

Sue: I love to spend time with my two grandchildren.

LearnWPT: Anything else you’d like to add about your experience?

Sue: I am so glad I joined LearnWPT.com which gave me the skills and confidence to win the bracelet at the WSOP this year.

Sue dominated the Final Table and we couldn’t be more proud of her and her accomplishment! You can read more about Sue’s road to victory on the WSOP Updates page or watch the replay on CBS All access.

Hearing stories like Sue makes US successful!

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