K♠K♣ Facing a Flop Raise, what do you do here?

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In a Tournament, you raise from Middle Position with K♠K♣ and Hijack calls. The flop comes Q♥5♣4♥ and Villain raises your c-bet. Action is on you, what do you here?

PRO ANSWER: This is a great spot for us and we should move all-in every time in this spot.

With an SPR of 3 in a heads-up pot, all overpairs become fairly strong hands that we should plan on taking to showdown. After c-betting around 1/3 pot (which is a good bet size), Villain can raise us with a reasonably wide range that includes many Qx hands as well as some bluffs.

Our hand, KK with no heart, is both very strong in this spot and somewhat vulnerable to giving cheap cards. That combination of being strong but somewhat vulnerable makes reraising by far the best play. Given the size of the remaining stacks, there is no reraise size other than all-in.

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This shove serves to both deny equity to various hands that our opponent will now fold to the all-in as well as create additional value from worse made hands.

Our all-in will be called by various Qx hands that would potentially fold on future scare cards when we call this raise. Getting the money in now is ideal.

Moving all-in is the best play.

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