LearnWPT Pros Winning Big!

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Yesterday LearnWPT had not one but TWO Instructors battling it out under the bright PokerGO lights.

Take a look at how LuckyChewy and Tony fared….

LuckyChewy competed for his second WSOP bracelet and an impressive $1.4 million first prize at the World Series of Poker 50K buy-in High Roller.

Chewy started out third in chips against this tough final table line up:

Final Table Line Up:
Seat 1: LuckyChewy – 5,615,000 (47 big blinds)
Seat 2: Nick Petrangelo – 4,100,000 (34 big blinds)
Seat 3: Ben Heath – 7,630,000 (64 big blinds)
Seat 4: Chance Kornuth – 5,000,000 (42 big blinds)
Seat 5: Sam Soverel – 7,540,000 (63 big blinds)
Seat 6: Dmitry Yurasov – 3,660,000 (31 big blinds)

After many creative and interesting plays, Chewy and Ben Heath got heads-up for the bracelet.

Chewy Final Table - optmzd.png

The final hand began with a Button raise from Chewy and Heath three-betting his A♣J♠. Chewy four-bet shoved for 56 big blinds with A♦K♥ and Heath called.

Heath flopped a pair on the J♥5♦3♣ flop to take the lead in the hand. The T♥ turn made things a bit iffy for him, but a blank T♦ on the river guaranteed Heath the bracelet and Chewy walked away with a whopping $917,232 payday and a great start to the summer tournament season!

To learn more how LuckyChewy can help elevate your game click here: Meet LearnWPT Instructor LuckyChewy

Tony Dunst competed to add WPT TOC victor to his resume along with a $440K first prize during the Baccarat Crystal WPT Tournament of Champions Final Table at the HyperX eSports Arena.

Tony started 3rd in chips against this group of WPT Champions:

Final Table Line Up:
Seat 1: Simon Lam – 359,000 (45 big blinds)
Seat 2: Nick Schulman – 239,000 (30 big blinds)
Seat 3: Ole Schemion – 1,871,000 (234 big blinds)
Seat 4: Griffin Paul – 308,000 (39 big blinds)
Seat 5: Ryan Tosoc – 549,000 (69 big blinds)
Seat 6: Tony Dunst – 475,000 (59 big blinds)

After a grueling final table, Tony and Ole Schemion were heads-up for the Champions Cup.

Tony TOC final table heads-up - optmizd.jpg

The final hand began with Schemion raising to 60,000 from the Button, Tony 3-betting to 250K, and Schemion calling. Tony checked the T♠J♥K♥ flop and Schemion bets 200,000 and gets called. Tony check-raised all-in on the 4♣ turn, Schemion snap-called.

Tony put himself at at risk with his K♣5♦ hand and was unfortunately drawing dead against Schemion’s flopped straight and flush draw with Q♠9♠. The meaningless T♦ lands on the river and Tony is eliminated in second-place with a $250,265 payday.

To learn more how Tony can help improve your game click here: Meet LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst

It was an exciting day of poker and we couldn’t be more proud to have these great players and ambassadors of the game as part of the LearnWPT Team.

Thank you to everyone who helped to cheer on Chewy and Tony at the Rio and HyperX eSports Arena, on social media, and sending in emails. Your support was greatly appreciated!

We can’t wait to watch Tony and Chewy breakdown and analyze the action from these exciting events in their upcoming LearnWPT Strategy videos 🍿.


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