Are you on the East Coast (home of the Boardwalk, cheesesteaks, Superbowl champs, and the Big Apple)?


Are you on the West Coast (home of ocean-side Piers, street tacos, the NBA champions, and home of Hollywood stars)?

Are you at the Cash Game Tables (grinding $1-2 and dreaming of moving up in stakes)?


Are you in the Tournament Fields (struggling to min-cash and longing for the opportunity to play big buy-in events)

It doesn’t matter which coast you claim, or if you focus on crushing cash games or running deep in tournaments more often…

We’ll be there to help improve your game!

Are you on the West Coast and ready to elevate your Cash Game play? Join LearnWPT Live for a 2-Day Advanced Cash Game Strategy Workshop at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles August 3rd and 4th. 

Nick Binger and Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger will teach you advanced strategies and techniques used by professional players to get you prepared for today’s tough cash game fields. 

LearnWPT Live at Commerce is in high demand and will be limited to 32 studentsThis event is expected to sell out! 

Are you on the East Coast and ready to improve your Tournament results? Join LearnWPT Live for a 2-Day Advanced Tournament Strategy Workshop at Borgata in Atlantic City this Sept 14th and 15th.

This event is for players who know the fundamentals of tournament strategy and are ready to learn the advanced strategies and tactics used in today’s Tournament fields against skilled opponents.

You’ll also compete against fellow LearnWPT Live at Borgata classmates in a satellite freeroll* with a $3500 buy-in seat to a WPT Main Event as 1st prize!

West Coast Cash Tables vs
East Coast Tournament Fields…

Wherever you want your game to go,
LearnWPT can help take you there!

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Think Like a Pro

*The WPT Main Event Freeroll Satellite is not open to the general public. This opportunity is exclusive to attendees of the LearnWPT Live at Borgata Tournament Workshop being held September 14-15, 2019. The $3500 WPT Main Event Seat is non-transferable and has no cash value. Winner must play the awarded event seat within the prescribed prize redemption period, prior to September 30, 2020 or the prize will be voided. See the event page for more information.