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Your LearnWPT Dashboard is designed to put you on a specific learning path tailored to your current poker knowledge, track your recent poker training activity for quick reference, and display your complete statistical history as a Member. Everything you need to review for efficient poker study is in 1 spot.

LearnWPT Poker Learning Paths

Not sure where to start your training? Take the Learning Path Quiz, pick the answer that most closely describes your current poker knowledge, and the results will reveal which Path is right for you.

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The LearnWPT Poker Training Curriculum gives players of all skill levels content tailored to their areas of need and is divided into four Learning Paths (Quick Start for beginners, Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced). Each Learning Path is created as a cohesive system that builds on the lessons of  the previous, allowing poker players of all skill levels to grow and learn strategy at their own pace.

Quick Start For Beginners

Totally new to No-Limit Hold’em? We’ll give you a quick primer on poker including everything you need to jump into the action and start having fun.

What you’ll learn:

How the Game Works
Simple Rules
Hand Rankings (what beats what?)
When and How Much to Bet

Foundation Learning Path

The Foundation Curriculum provides the rock solid base for winning play and introduces critical concepts essential to advancing your poker strategy. New LearnWPT.com Members should start on the path to improvement by first viewing the Foundation Episodes.

What you'll learn:

How to Think in Terms of Hand Ranges
Betting Strategy Including Proper Sizing
When and Why You Should Bluff
Using Aggression to Win Uncontested Pots

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Intermediate Learning Path

The Intermediate Curriculum utilizes the framework for making situational adjustments and responding to better opponents effectively, giving you the tools for consistent results. Expand on the framework you built in the Foundation path and start elevating your game to become a more dynamic and feared opponent.

What you'll learn:

How to Exploit Specific Opponents
Combinatorics and Equity Calculation
Advanced Defense and C-Betting Strategies
Game Theory Optimal Strategy

Advanced Learning Path

The Advanced Curriculum gives you direct access to the decision making and poker training habits that power the highest earning and most consistent players in the game. The concepts and processes shared here can turn you into a world-class poker player capable of holding your own against top Pros.

What you’ll learn:

Using Game Theory Optimal Strategy
Adjusting Ranges for ICM Considerations
Randomizing and Range Balancing
Championship Mental Game Strategy

It’s never been easier to work on the critical mistakes in your game and get feedback from winning professionals and world class poker players, all on your own time.

Build this simple process into your poker study routine and before you know it, you’ll be leveling up!

View Your Strategy Episodes

After taking the poker Learning Path Quiz we'll present you with Strategy Episodes based on your specific curriculum. For each Learning Path, Episodes are presented in a videostream in the Now Playing window and the videos are delivered in chronological order for each Path.


Each day when you resume training, the Dashboard will automatically serve the next unwatched Episode in your chosen Learning Path. Once you’ve finished watching all of the Episodes in a Learning Path you'll automatically advance to the next path.

IMPORTANT: If you did not take the Learning Path Quiz you'll default to the Foundation Learning Path.

To make sure you’ve got plenty of variety in your training sessions, the Featured Video and Newly Released sections will keep you engaged and motivated to continue improving.

Tip: Click the ⭐ icon to save an Episode to your Favorites library to rewatch later and view in your My Stats section.


To view the full listing of 500+ videos from the Dashboard at any time just click the Strategy Episodes Library link or EPISODES in the top navigation bar or via the mobile menu.

From the complete library of Episodes you can use the Refine Filters to take a deeper dive into a specific subject and streamline content quickly by learning path, instructor, video type and more.

What LearnWPT Is Up To

From the LearnWPT Dashboard find out what's happening in the WPT universe including upcoming poker tournaments and more!


We'll keep Members notified on next On Tour spots, upcoming Live Workshop, what's popular with Members, when our Pros and Students achieve success, strategy tips, and brand-new features.

What You've Been Up To

From the LearnWPT Dashboard Members get a complete snapshot of what they've recently watched, favorite episodes, discussions between their peers and Team LearnWPT in the Forums, and recent WPT GTO Trainer training sessions - all in 1 spot!


In the MY STATS section Members get a complete history of their training and milestones reached with their LearnWPT Membership. This section includes the number of Episodes watched in their Learning Path & overall, total GTO Trainer hands played, best EV score, and more.


Set Goals and Track Your Progress - all in one location!

So How Do You Get Started On YOUR Path?

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  2. Take the Quiz and start on your Learning Path
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  4. Drill and Play 25 hands a day on the WPT GTO Trainer
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