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3-Bet: verb
three·bet \ ˈthrē ˈbet \

1) The act of raising after another player has raised the initial bet amount in. For example, in a tournament where blinds are 25-50, Player A opens the pot to 150 preflop and Player B raises to 450. In this instance Player B is 3-Betting the pot.

Example of 3-Bet in a Sentence
Tony raised preflop to 150 and LuckyChewy 3-Bet to 450 with A♠5♠.

So, What Hands Should You 3-Bet With 🤔?

Fighting back vs aggression from your opponents can be stressful and it’s hard to know exactly when you should reraise and which hands to do it with. Watch this in-depth Strategy Episode with LearnWPT Lead Instructor Nick Binger as he breaks down the key factors you should look for when deciding to 3-bet:

5 Key 🗝️ Reminders for 3-Betting:

  • In order to win tournaments you can’t simply wait for good cards
  • 3-Betting is key to winning pots without showing down your hand
  • Target players with medium sized (30 to 50 big blind) stacks to pressure with 3-bets
  • Players opening the pot from late position are likely to have wider hand ranges
  • Avoid 3-Betting with bad cards in cash games

The Cup 🏆 Awaits!

You are a big stack at a WPT Final table with a 50BB stack and the Mike Sexton Champions Cup on the line! The Button, who has a 30BB stack, raises first-in. You 3-bet, and the Button flat calls your raise.

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🖥️ Watch 3-Betting In Action!

3-Betting is a powerful move that experts use to pressure opponents and force even the toughest players to retreat.

Check out this hand from WPT Season XIII for an in-depth look at a 3-bet pot with big money on the line and watch as Nick demonstrates how this Pro perfectly puts theory into practice.

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During your next tournament or session give these new 3-Betting strategies a try and you'll become tougher to play against and keep your opponents on their heels more often.

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