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Check-Raise: verb
check·raise \ ˈchek ˈrāz \

1) The act of checking and then raising an opponent's bet during the same betting round.

Example of Check-Raise in a Sentence
Gags30 checks from the Big Blind and LuckyChewy bets 2,000 into a 10,000 chip pot. Gags30 Check-Raises to 6,000 and LuckyChewy folds.

How Should You Add Check-Raising To Your Game?

A Check-Raise is one of the most powerful moves in poker, however if you don’t know what to look for you could be setting yourself up to lose a big pot. Watch this Strategy Episode with Nick Binger as he outlines the process Pros use to pick the perfect spots to check-raise from the WPT Montreal Final Table!

✏️ Tips for Timing Your Check-Raises:

  • Focus on wider range opponents who continuation bet frequently
  • Look to apply pressure to shorter stacked opponents you have outchipped
  • Small bet sizing by an opponent often provides great risk/reward your check-raise
  • Flops with 1 broadway card, 2 low cards, and a flush draw are ideal spots
  • Avoid check-raising when stacks are deep (100BB or more)

Check-Raised with Top Pair, How Do You Play It?


In a Tournament, it folds to a Middle Position player who limps in. You raise with A♠Q♦. It folds to the Small Blind who calls, as does the MP player. The Flop is A♣T♦6♥. The Small Blind and Middle Position player check. You bet, and the Small Blind raises. The Middle Position player folds. Action is on you, what do you do here?


Select your answer & see how the LearnWPT Pros would play it!

🖥️ A Check-Raise Bluff In Action!

In this hand from the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic we see one of the all-time greats, Justin Bonomo, execute an expert check-raise bluff and force a fold near the final table bubble.

Check out Nick Binger’s analysis from this legendary hand as captured by the WPT Live Updates team.

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During your next tournament or session give these new check-raising strategies a try and you'll become tougher to play against and keep your opponents on their heels more often.

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