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Big Blind Defense: noun
big blind de·fense \ ˈbig ˈblīnd di-ˈfen(t)s \

1) A strategy for continuing against an open raise preflop when in the Big Blind, usually by calling.

Example of Big Blind Defense in a sentence
Tony raises to 500 from the Cutoff seat and action folds to LuckyChewy who defends his Big Blind and calls and we’re off to a flop.

Defend Yourself!

Learn the basics of Big Blind Defense calling and get downloadable charts you can use during your next poker tournament.

Watch and learn as LearnWPT Instructor Nick Binger breaks this must have strategy and upgrade your Big Blind play right now:

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Big Blind Defense - Calling

🛡️ Tips for Defending Your Big Blind Like A Pro:

  • Avoid calling with offsuit hands, suited hands and speculative hands are best
  • This strategy only applies when you are up against 1 opponent and in the Big Blind
  • Make sure you only defend by calling with specific hands. Don’t remove 3-Betting from your game plan!
  • Defend with tighter calling range against larger open raise sizes
  • Default to checking the flop after you call the raise, no matter what cards you hold

Tony Defends on the Ultimate Stage

Big Blind Defense plays a crucial role in the outcome of almost every Final Table from your local daily poker tournament to a World Poker Tour Main Event.

In this Strategy Episode from WPT Commentator and LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst we get a behind the scenes look into how these strategies are used when the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions title and the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup is at stake!

And Off To The Flop We Go...

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Play these 5 hands to test your skills and learn the exact move to make. Remember, the goal is to get as close to ZERO EV loss with each decision you make. Good luck...


In a Tournament with 50 big blind stacks the Cutoff seat open raises to 2.5BBs and you call from the Big Blind

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Train - Play - Think Like A Pro!

During your next tournament or session give these big blind defense techniques a try and you'll become tougher to play against and keep your opponents on their heels more often.

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