LearnWPT On Tour: The 2023 WPT®️ World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas


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The inaugural edition of the WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas saw record breaking prize pools, exciting off the felt activities, and set the standard for all future poker festivals.

The $10,400 Championship event crushed its ambitious $15M Guaranteed prize pool and saw an incredible conclusion as Eliot Hudon emerged to etch his name on the Mike Sexton Champions Cup and take home $4,146,400 for a well earned first prize.


The 2023 WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas is even more ambitious and aims to take poker to new heights with the first $40,000,000 guaranteed prize pool in an open Championship event - the largest single live tournament guarantee in the history of poker.

Your chance to join an exclusive list of Champions and take part in the most talked about poker event of the year is here! Team LearnWPT is ready to dominate the felt and we want to make sure you're ready to rise above as you compete in the Championship Event.

Are you ready to be part of history (again!)?

The 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas Festival runs November 29-December 23, 2023. The marquee event of the multi-tournament festival will be the $10,400 buy-in Championship event including a televised final table. The festival features more than a dozen tournaments including three primary events!

Let's get started...

Be Part of Poker History at Wynn Las Vegas


WPT Prime Championship: $5 Million GTD Prize Pool

Buy-In: $1,100 | December 7th - 19th | Schedule | Structure
Day 1A - Thursday, Dec 7th 11am PT
Day 1B - Friday, Dec 8th 11am PT
Day 1C - Saturday, Dec 9th 11am PT
Day 1D - Sunday, Dec 10th 11am PT
Day 2 - Monday, Dec 11th 12pm PT
Day 3 - Tuesday, Dec 12th 12pm PT
TV Final Table - Tuesday, Dec 19th 4pm PT
A single (1) re entry is permitted for each starting flight
Live Updates


WPT World Championship: $40 Million GTD Prize Pool

Buy-In: $10,400 | December 12th - 20th | Schedule | Structure
Day 1A - Tuesday, Dec 12th 11am PT
Day 1B - Wednesday, Dec 13th 11am PT
Day 1C - Thursday, Dec 14th 11am PT
Day 1D - Friday, Dec 15th 11am PT
Day 2 - Saturday, Dec 16th 12pm PT
Day 3 - Sunday, Dec 17th 12pm PT
Day 4 - Monday, Dec 18th 12pm PT
Day 5 - Tuesday, Dec 19th 12pm PT
Day 6 - Wednesday, Dec 20th 12pm PT
TV Final Table - Thursday, Dec 21st 4pm PT
One entry per day maximum (freezeout per flight)
Live Updates


WPT Ladies Championship: $250K GTD Prize Pool

Buy-In: $11,100 | December 6th - 8th | Schedule | Structure
$1,100 discounted ladies buy-in
Day 1 - Wednesday, Dec 6th 11am PT
Day 2 - Thursday, Dec 7th 11am PT
Final Table - Friday, Dec 8th 11am PT
Unlimited re-entry is allowed until the close of registration
Live Updates


Photo credit: Enrique Malfavon

With more than 30 events on the calendar, the 2023 festival is where every poker player needs to be this December. There are plenty of can’t miss events that offer a wide range of buy-ins including more than 10 live satellites into the World Championship!

The festival kicks off with a $1 Million Guaranteed, $600 No-Limit Hold’em multi-flight tournament followed by player favorites including the $250,000 guaranteed WPT® Ladies World Championship, $5 Million Guaranteed WPT® Prime Championship, the ever-popular Mystery Bounty featuring a $2 Million guarantee, multiple Seniors events (50+) and a $10,000 buy-in Seniors High Roller.

Multiple mixed game tournaments are also available throughout the festival, ranging from the $1,100 HORSE Championship to a brand-new addition to the schedule, a $3,000 Dealer’s Choice Championship.

Click here for the full schedule of events
For results, chip counts, redraws, and more visit: www.wynnlasvegas.com/casino/poker
Follow the Wynn Poker Room Twitter page for nightly updates

📍 The Who, What and Where...


Photo credit: Drew Amato

With so much action going on at the Wynn Las Vegas where do you begin? Click here for the WPT Players Guide

Here are some quick tips:

If parking or arriving by taxi cab or rideshare instruct your driver to drop you off at the main entrance of Encore (not Wynn)
If driving, parking in Encore self-park is the quickest way to the Encore ballroom & registration for main events
Players must have a Wynn Player card - you can get one from the Wynn Rewards counter in the Encore Casino area

Wynn Encore Map

Most events will be played in the Encore Ballroom - you can register in the Debussy Ballroom (next to the Encore Ballroom)
If an event is played in the Poker Room - you can register in the Poker Room located in the Encore Casino area
Registration in the Ballroom opens each day 2 hours prior to the earliest event (typically 9am PT) and closes approximately 10pm PT
Registration is available for any event 24/7 in the poker room

The Encore at Wynn is marked with signage for easy navigation. Click here for the Wynn property map.

LearnWPT Members Are Ready To Dominate 💪

Over the last 2 months Team LearnWPT hosted 6 Poker 📚 Study Sessions for Members to get their game ready to dominate the 2023 WPT World Championship Festival at Wynn Las Vegas.

For each Study Session we provided Members with a curriculum that focuses on specific concepts essential for tournament success - now let’s get YOUR game ready with FREE strategy videos and tips from Team LearnWPT! Let's get started...

Study Session: Mental Game & Endurance


We'll kickstart your poker study by outlining valuable strategies for managing routines, building confidence, and dealing with adversity. We’ll also talk about preparing for long tournament days and using physical fitness and nutrition to optimize your play.

⦿ Tournament Prep With Tony, Chewy, and Johan

Huge Tournament Series like the WPT World Championships at Wynn Las Vegas bring excitement and tons of opportunity. To make the most of these gigantic fields and massive prize pools, it's important to plan ahead for the unique challenges that you may encounter.

In this Strategy Episode hear firsthand from LearnWPT Instructors Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger, Tony Dunst, and Johan Schultz-Pedersen about how they prepare for peak performance during a long poker tournament series.

Many players ignore Mental Game issues that prevent growth in their game including fear, anger, and frustration. Building Endurance through exercise, rest, and nutrition is key to excelling during a long tournament series.

For more tips and videos from the Mental Game Session…
Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Mental Game Curriculum

② Study Session: Preflop Strategy


In this Session we are focusing on the one decision you must make in every hand you play - what to do when action folds to you preflop. We'll also discuss strategies such as 3-Betting that will give you the opportunities to exert skill edge against your opponents.

🛑 Know Your First-In Hand Ranges

During the course of a poker tournament you are likely to face dozens of stressful decisions. Your ability to stay present in the moment and focus on the 5 Key Factors will likely decide whether you make a deep run or bust out on Day 1. Luckily there are some things you can start doing now to take away distractions and help make high quality strategic decisions under pressure.

Spend just a few minutes each day reviewing the Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Preflop Hand Ranges. Over time you will gain a solid grasp of each positional range and your preflop decisions will feel less stressful. You’ll free up mental energy to work on other areas of your game and be able to maintain sharp focus when facing tough spots postflop.

Watch this Strategy Episode from LearnWPT Instructor Nick Binger as he gives you a detailed breakdown of which hands you should play from each seat position when raising first-in to the pot.

If you are a tournament player and haven't added these first-in hand ranges to your game plan you are missing opportunities to grow your chip stack and gain a balanced preflop attack. Understanding what hands to act with preflop from Early, Middle, or Late Position is crucial to your success!

Here are a few points from this Episode to remember...

Think in Hand Ranges:

  • A range includes all hands a player may have in a given situation
  • Avoid trying to put your opponent on a specific hand
  • Position, action, and stack depth help determine ranges
  • Analyzing hand ranges is best done away from the table

GTO First-In Hand Ranges - Tournaments

Download a copy of the GTO First-In Hand Ranges

Use these rock solid Game Theory Optimal hand ranges and you'll be well on your way to an award winning performance at the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas!

These charts will tell you what hands to play when you are the first person to put money into the pot at the poker table. They'll keep you on very solid, profitable ground.

Quick Tips for Using the First-In Charts:

  • Use the Position Graphic to determine your position at the table and reference the appropriate chart for your seat. Always count backwards from the Button to determine your position
  • You should raise with all hands highlighted in PINK. Do not call the minimum bet amount - RAISE!
  • Your raise sizing should be between 2.3 and 3 times the big blind amount depending on stack depth.
  • Stay consistent with your raise sizing. If you raise a larger amount with a specific hand and smaller amounts with others, you will be easier to read at the table (IE don't raise to 600 with AA, but 400 with 99)

You'll develop Muscle Memory for preflop play by simply reviewing the charts and putting them into practice at the table!

Knowing how and when to make moves preflop is one of the keys to getting a hold of chips in a poker tournament. Understanding how to adjust for specific stack sizes and positions will give you opportunities to exert a skill edge.

For more tips and videos from the Preflop Strategy Session...
Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Preflop Strategy Curriculum

③ Study Session: Defense Strategy


In this Session we'll be talking about the specific strategies you can use when facing aggression in common Defense situations at the poker table. We'll also dive into the factors that you need to consider when deciding to defend in position vs out of position.

⦿ Turn and River Play With Tony Dunst

With more opportunities to Defend your Big Blind, you’ll definitely be in some interesting postflop situations facing a wider range of hands. In many of these spots you’re likely to face a continuation bet so understanding which board textures are favorable and when bluffing may be an option is valuable. Navigating these pots from out of position without the equity advantage translates to more difficult decisions on every street.

To gain a true understanding of how tough these spots can be, it’s essential to analyze postflop decisions in Big Blind Defense situations away from the table.

Join LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst as he explores 3 hands from recent sessions to break down optimal play on the turn and river when defending from the Big Blind. Watch this Strategy Episode as Tony uses PioSolver to demonstrate how ranges interact in this spot and what factors you should be accounting for.

🛡️ Tips for Defending Your Big Blind Like a Pro:

  • Avoid calling with offsuit hands, suited hands and speculative hands are best
  • This strategy only applies when you are up against 1 opponent and in the Big Blind
  • Make sure you only defend by calling with specific hands. Don’t remove 3-Betting from your game plan!
  • Defend with tighter calling range against larger open raise sizes
  • Default to checking the flop after you call the raise, no matter what cards you hold

Blind and Button Defense Strategy in a poker tournament all have unique considerations and hand range constructions that help you target specific opponents in position and develop criteria for check-raising frequent c-bettors.

For more tips and videos from the Defense Strategy Session…
Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Defense Strategy Curriculum

④ Study Session: Postflop Considerations


This Study Session is all about getting you geared up to attack flops with properly sized c-bets, identify spots to float aggressive opponents, and give you the tools to make huge laydowns and big hero calls when the pressure is on. We’ll discuss how to approach tough opponents and break down exploitative adjustments to max value when you have a skill edge.

⦿ C-Betting Vs Tough Opponents

Whether in a cash game or tournament, continuation betting is a key part of postflop strategy. A strong default c-betting strategy will put most opponents on the defensive and result in winning many uncontested pots.

However, as you face more skilled opponents additional factors must be considered to ensure your c-bets are profitable. When facing tougher opponents, you’ll need to upgrade your approach and adjust how frequently you fire again on the flop after raising first-in.

Watch this Strategy Episode as Nick Binger explains how equity advantage, nut advantage, and your perceived range help you decide when to c-bet against tough opponents. Plus, Nick outlines the common spots vs tough opponents that are the most challenging.

Deeper stacked poker tournaments feature more decision points and create tougher Postflop Considerations. Understanding how board texture and ranges interact will have a big impact in your ability to win uncontested pots.

For more tips and videos from the Postflop Strategy Session…
Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Postflop Strategy Curriculum

⑤ Study Session: ICM & Satellite Strategy


In this Study Session we focus on the factors you need to consider when facing a tough decision on the Bubble, as well as specific differences between satellites and traditional multi-table tournaments. We’ll discuss how ICM (Independent Chip Model) influences hand ranges and betting, plus outline specific strategy for Milestone Satellites.

🛰️ Satellite Your Way Into a WPT Championship!

Approaching satellite play with the same strategy used in a regular poker tournament will often result in you busting when you would otherwise have a seat to the target tournament locked up.

Watch this Strategy Episode from LearnWPT Instructor Nick Binger as he discusses the key adjustments you need to make when playing Satellite Poker Tournaments.

Tips for Milestone Satellite Play

In a Milestone Satellite a player must accumulate a specific chip stack amount designated by the poker room ("The Milestone") to be awarded the tournament prize - the Milestone is usually noted in the rules and structure sheet (see pages 66-74).

As in a traditional satellite format, players may also win a seat by surviving until the number of seats available in the prize pool equals the number of players remaining, however achieving a verified Milestone stack at any point in the Tournament automatically guarantees that player a seat to the target event.

Example: You are playing a $1,100 buy-in Milestone Satellite to the $10,400 buy-in $40M GTD WPT World Championship with a starting chip stack of 20,000 and the "Milestone" is 230,000 chips. Once a player's chip stack reaches 230,000 chips they are instantly awarded a seat into the event and their chips removed from play.

The satellite will conclude when the number of players remaining is equal to the number of $10,400 prizes generated based on the Tournament Prize formula, less the the amount of players who have previously won by reaching The Milestone.

  • Milestone Satellites prioritize a more risky playing style than traditional satellites, similar to bounty tournaments
  • Specific opponent tendencies play a big factor in your approach and dictate whether going for the Milestone is a priority
  • Larger raise sizes may have increased fold equity against opponents close to the Milestone (within 5-10BBs) due to poor risk/reward
  • Don’t lose site of the Milestone in later stages when effective stacks are shallow - a few preflop steals could be enough to secure your seat
  • The endgame of a Milestone satellite can be chaotic - stay focused on the best strategy for your stack size and specific table conditions
  • Remember that you don’t always have to get to the Milestone to win a seat, you can still use traditional satellite strategy and have a good chance

Take these strategies to the Wynn Las Vegas poker room and play a $400 Double Play Milestone Satellite to secure your seat into the $1,100 WPT Prime or Ladies Championship, a Milestone Satellite to $10,400 buy-in $40M GTD WPT Championship, or other Wynn Festival events.


Click here for the full schedule of satellites and tournaments

Tournaments have specific inflection points where the threat of elimination plays a large role in shaping decisions. Bubble, ICM, and Satellite Strategy are critical areas of study to make big scores and win seats to high buy-in events for small investments.

For more tips and videos from the ICM & Satellite Session...

Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Satellite, ICM, and Bubble Curriculum

⑥ Study Session: Exploits and Intuition


This Session is all about using your strategic knowledge to punish bad plays and cultivate your feel for the game. A common trait shared by most successful tournament players is the ability to identify when an opponent is making an obvious mistake and knowing when to shift gears and use Exploits to maximize their edge.

⦿ Extracting Maximum Value With Gags

Opponents may change several times in any given poker tournament, so developing a specific player profile can be difficult, if not impossible. Bet-Sizing errors are often the best indicator of an opponent who is deviating from sound strategy and are most likely to make big mistakes postflop

Exerting your skill edge in these spots means staying alert and avoiding autopilot, especially when you flop a huge hand.

The difference between a small profit and a life changing score could lie in your ability to capitalize on obvious strategic errors. Watch as LearnWPT Instructor Michael "Gags30" Gagliano breaks down hands where he uses exploitative lines to extract maximum value and demonstrates how to weigh the potential risk/reward of bet sizing to determine the best approach.

Poker is a game of incomplete information but if you’re focused and prepared to play, opponents will give off several cues that can be used to your advantage. Whether it’s odd bet-sizing, frequent over-calling, or taking too many hands to showdown, these mistakes must be capitalized on if you want to stay ahead of the field.

For more tips and videos from the Exploitative Play Session…
Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Strategy Study Curriculum

A huge THANK YOU to every Student who’s joined us for the WPT World Championship Study Sessions. Members can rewatch the sessions anytime from the Webinars Dashboard.

Not a Member but want to watch the Live Study Sessions? Join for just $5 your first month of LearnWPT Membership!.

We’re in the home stretch now! LearnWPT Members - make sure to submit any questions or hands on trouble spots to Ask a Pro and we’ll get you ready to conquer Vegas!

LearnWPT Students Train With 🌎 Champions

Video credit: Gino Payne

To kickoff the 2023 WPT Championship at Wynn Las Vegas LearnWPT Instructors and world-class Pros Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, and Tony Dunst are spending 2 days with 30 students of the game to get them Championship ready!

Video credit: Lee Cummings

After class students will take to the felt in an exclusive satellite where we are awarding 2 seats to the WPT Prime Championship.

Stay tuned for updates from our 2023 satellite winners!


WPT Special Events for Players

The non-stop poker action, massive prize pools, and the chance to go down in history as a WPT World Champion are only part of the excitement happening in Vegas this December! The World Poker Tour and Wynn Las Vegas have created a one of a kind poker experience that is sure to BRING THE FUN during the Championship Festival!


Whether you’ve dreamed of playing a few hands vs Phil Ivey, wanted to make a guest cameo in Brand and Andrew’s Vlog, be entertained by amazing halftime shows and performances, or dance the night away with the WPT Family in an epic Player’s Party that could only be held in Vegas, there are plenty of off the felt activities to enjoy.

Join The WPT 💰 Meet Up Games (MUG)

During the Premier Meet Up Game you'll have the chance to play with WPT Ambassadors and Icons including Phil Ivey, Vince Van Patten, Lynn Gilmartin, Tony Dunst, Matt Savage, Brad Owen, and Andrew Neeme (and special guests!).

Join the action December 1st at 9am PT in the Wynn Poker Room

On December 8th, ahead of the WPT Ladies Championship final-table finale, Jamie Kerstetter will once again be bringing the fun (and Mimosas) to the Wynn Poker Room for the Ladies Meet Up Game! This year, 19 splash pot prizes will be awarded during live-action play, ranging from gift bags to $1,100 WPT Prime Championship seats.


Join Jamie and special guests for a cash game and connect with women from all different poker backgrounds including weekend warriors, professional players, women’s poker community leaders, your favorite influencers and even brand-new players trying out the game for the first time. Players of all experience levels are welcome!

Join the action Dec 8th at 9am - 12pm in the Wynn Poker Room

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ ClubWPT Members Take to the Live Felt

Congratulations and good luck to the 100+ players ClubWPT is sending to the 2023 WPT World Championship Events!

ClubWPT Members and Qualifiers always receive the royal treatment and will enjoy several fun events including additional ways to win seats into the Championship Events live on-site at Wynn Las Vegas.


The ClubWPT WPT® Ambassador Tag Team Challenge - Watch WPT Ambassadors Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen, Lynn Gilmartin, Matt Savage, Vince Van Patten, and Tony Dunst, play LIVE with ClubWPT™ qualifiers for a $10,400 WPT World Championship seat.
December 9th at 12pm - 2pm in the Encore Ballroom

The ClubWPT Phil Ivey WPT® Duel - Watch Phil Ivey play heads up simultaneously with two ClubWPT™ qualifiers as they play for a chance to win a $10,400 WPT World Championship seat.
December 10th at 12 pm - 2 pm in the Encore Ballroom

🥳 WPT Thank You Players Party at AREA15

Players are invited to the Thank You Players Party at AREA15 on Sunday, December 11th at 8 pm - 1am!

To join the party, just present your tournament receipt from the WPT Ladies Championship, WPT Prime Championship, WPT World Championship, and satellite events. WPT will provide a free shuttle every 30 minutes from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm to AREA15 to help keep the party going. Team LearnWPT will see you there!

WPT 🏆 Final Table Play With Tony Dunst

To make sure you are prepared to shine for the TV cameras and show off your skills, we’ve got some important strategies to share to help you get ready.

Final Table Strategy can differ dramatically from the early stages of a tournament, especially with huge pay-jumps and the prestige that only comes with winning a World Poker Tour title. Often players are unprepared for the pressure that comes with playing in front of an audience and for potentially life-changing money at stake.

When you are facing the pressure of big pay jumps and the studio lights seem just a little too bright, it’s important to stay focused and make objective decisions.

Watch this LearnWPT Strategy Episode from LearnWPT Instructor and WPT Commentator Tony Dunst for key insights on how the Pros perform on the big stage.

Here are a few tips to help sharpen up your game for showtime!

  • Be aware of stack sizes and pay jumps at all times, even the slightest changes in stack sizes can shift strategy dramatically
  • When short stacks exist, there is extra pressure on the bigger stacks to avoid busting out
  • The chip leaders can use this extra pressure to win many pots while the short stack is in play
  • As a medium stack vs larger stacks be cautious with any bets and raises and try to take marginal hands to showdown passively
  • Preflop ranges shift quite a bit at final tables due to this effect with big stacks playing much wider ranges and medium stacks much narrower ranges
  • Do not be afraid to ramp up your aggression against players that are playing tight in the hopes of laddering up

Not 1, Not 2, But 3 📺 Final Tables

The WPT Big One for One Drop, WPT Prime Championship and WPT World Championship Final Tables will be filmed for Television in the Latour Ballroom at Wynn Las Vegas! Reserve a seat for free in the audience by contacting [email protected].


Photo credit: Miguel Cortes

WPT Prime Championship: TV Final Table - Dec 19th at 4pm PT
Doors open at 3:30 pm and seating is first come, first serve

WPT Big One for One Drop: TV Final Table - Dec 20th at 4pm PT
Doors open at 3:30 pm and seating is first come, first serve

WPT World Championship: TV Final Table - Dec 21st at 4pm PT
Doors open at 3:30 pm and seating is first come, first serve

Not in Vegas? The 2023 WPT World Championship Festival includes a full livestreaming schedule spanning 14 days for poker fans around the globe to follow the action live from Wynn Las Vegas.


Photo credit: Miguel Cortes

The livestream schedule, from December 7th through December 21st, includes multiple final tables, high-stakes cash games, and five-day coverage of the $40 Million 2023 WPT World Championship.

Streaming on:
📺 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/worldpokertour
📺 Twitch: https://twitch.tv/worldpokertour

Join Team LearnWPT at Wynn Las Vegas

Are you playing any of the WPT Championship Events at Wynn Las Vegas? Stop and say Hi 👋 to Team LearnWPT!

Your LearnWPT Instructors Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Brian Altman, Tony Dunst, Michael "Gags30" Gagliano, Johan Schultz-Pedersen, and Adrian Naggy will be at the Wynn and in the action.


Follow and tag us on social media to let us know you are in the action, to show off your chip stack, or celebrate a deep run.

Twitter @LearnWPT | Facebook @learnwpt | Instagram @learn_wpt

We love to hear how LearnWPT Students are doing!

Good luck and good playing,
-Team LearnWPT

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Meet Team LearnWPT - Combined the LearnWPT Instructors have amassed 5 WPT Championships, 12 WSOP Bracelets, 6 WSOP Circuit Rings, 9 High Roller titles, 2 Poker Masters Championships, over $55 Million in live Tournament winnings, 5 decades of coaching experience, and authored 5 acclaimed poker books.

Ready to train and learn from these Pros? Join them NOW!


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Whether you are brand new to poker training or you’re an experienced student this is your chance to learn from world-class professional poker players in a friendly community using state of the art tools.


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