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4 to the Straight on the river

  • STEVE (FL)

There is actually a button straddle for $100 by the Villain. 

Villain is a LAG pro. Is very tricky and dangerous and will make light calls but bet, raise and re-raise based on the situation which he is very good at reading. He is Known as one of the best poker players in our card room. I would like to know if my play on any given street was problematic. Here is my reasoning.
Preflop. Good enough hand to bet in late position. So I bet.
Even though its a very wet flop with two opponents, I feel my hand has some equity and hits my perceived range. I also feel that the Villain will take the lead and steal the pot if I check. So I bet.
. I have now hit 2 pair and even though possible a straight draw has hit, with only two callers seeing the flop, I am more worried about a scary river card and I feel that the villain will take the lead if I slow down, so I bet big to protect my hand.
If I bet, only hands that beat me will call. So I check. I am not looking to catch a bluff and would be happy to just see the river. When villain goes all in, I call because I feel I have enough equity. Tthe range I put him on is. (most narrow variation)
That Beats me

Kh, Xh
Pocket kings


(I don't believe that sets and two pairs will bet)
That I beat
Ah, Xh
Qh, Xh
connected, one gapper and 2 gapper heart draws

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