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$5/10 K-10 Off Suit on Button

  • Keith (Dallas PA)

Hello- I normally play $1/$2 No Limit On Line- Thought I would try a $5/$10 Table .

No prior history on any of the players.....and I assume they had none on me. (I make notes on most everyone I play with)

After a few hands on this table it folds around to me on the button with Kh-10s. I decide to raise to 30.00 per the first in raise criteria and get called by the big blind ( I have 700.00 and Villain has 1000.00)

Flop is Kd - Jc - 8h I bet 38.00 into pot of 75.00......big blind calls

Turn is 4c I bet 75.00 into pot of 151.00.........big blind raises to $200.00

What would you have done in this situation?? And how would you have played it?

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