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A good fold for AA?

  • jrporras (panama)

Dealt AA UTG. 1/3 cash game @ Aria. Raise to $15 Standard. Get MP and Button to Call. Flop comes K 6 3 rainbow. Cbet $25, both players call. Turn card another K. I decided to check, MP bet Pot - MP is chip leader double stack size of everyone at table. Button folds, I decide to fold. MP player shows a 3(one card only).

Should I have turned a 2 barrell against 2 opponents that called my preflop raise and my c-bet on a dry flop ? My thought at the time was that if 2 opponents called, there is a bigger chance of one having made some type of hand (no draws) which included all types of broadway K combination cards, as well as maybe sets. Then again, betting could have reaffirmed my premium hand. My checking could have induced A3 combinations to bet(?).

Betting lines against one opponent would dictate to bet on the turn again, just not sure against two opponents who already called preflop and flop.


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