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aj off in the BB

  • Tim (Boca Raton, Fl)

round 15 of a two day tournament; 30 minutes left to bag; Ante 500/ 1500/3000. 8 players at table. Utg 1 with 25 BB limps; Button limps, she has 150,000 chips; small blind folds and you have 120,000 in chips with AJ off. The utg1 player plays very tight; and the limp from this position might have been a trap based on observation of this player; I decided to just check and get a free flop; Flop is A66; I bet out half of the pot; utg1 folds; and Button calls; 5 on the turn; I bet about a pot size; Button raises all in; I have half of my chips already in the pot; I do not play her for a big Ace; as I thought she would have raised pre-flop; I think she might have a A anything suited and that my AJ might be good; so I called; was this a big mistake? She had A6 suited; If it wasn't for the utg1 player limping I would have raised big; so now I am questioning that as well; thanks,

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