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AK on the Turn

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

$1/$2 Full Ring Live Cash Game

Hero in CO with AKo $400 behind

Mid 1 (~$125 behind) and Mid 3 (~$215 behind)

Both Limp

Hero raises to $20, both limpers call

Flop:A Q 8 (rainbow)

SPR is ~2 for Mid 1 and ~3.5 for Mid2

Mid 1 checks

Mid 2 bets $15

I am not familiar with Mid 2 but he’s seems like a somewhat thinking player although he’s chased a few draws in recent showdowns (not getting correct pot odds to do so), and took a few stabs at some pots earlier in the night.

I considered the board somewhat coordinated because I thought it connected well with both players’ ranges of 88, 10+, A10+, any 2 broadways (does this range sound reasonable?).

I don’t know if this small bet is a here fishy fishy bet or to pot control a weak Ax or Qx type hand. But since I have TPTK I decide to re-raise $50. Both call.

Turn is another Q

Both check

Hero? Check or bet?

I checked since I wasn’t sure if they were checking to the aggressor, trying to trap with trips or already full. In hindsight, I feel like this was a mistake based on 2 factors: 1. TPTK default says to bet turn on coordinated flop, 2. Low SPR against both players. Also, I just plugged the numbers into Poker Cruncher and it looks like I’m a slight favorite 36% to their 32%.

Please let me know if checking was an error, and is it because of the factors stated?

But since I did check, can you please tell me the correct decision on the river.

River was a 10. I don’t remember suit but there was no flush draw present

Mid 1 checks, Mid 2 bets $100


Hero keeps thinking back to the turn and second guessing whether or not if either of them had a big hand, wouldn't they have bet, not checked. Also, I know TPTK is usually good for 2 streets of value and since the initial raise was so small, I only counted my re-raise as 1 act of aggression (is that correct or should I have viewed that as 2 already). Also, I was getting 3:1 so only needed 25% equity which I honestly had no clue if I had or not. I also thought Mid 2 could be stabbing at the pot with a weak Ace since the turn checked around and Mid 1 already checked the river. And the last factor in my head was the SPR, so after about 60 seconds of thinking this all through, I reluctantly made the call. Mid 1 folded.

I just plugged the river into Poker Cruncher and only had like 13%!!! OW!! Well…I guess I just answered my own question, but any advise and corrections to my thought process and/or any factors I should have considered (or shouldn’t have considered) on all streets would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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