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AKo with A on Flop & opponent overbet

  • esteban (springhill)

Situation: 9 handed table, $1-$3 NL Cash, only played a few hands at this table. I have ~$250.

Hand: 1 limper, MP1 raise to $10 ($10 light raise at this casino), I raise from MP2 to $25 with AKo. Everyone else folds and MP1 calls.

Flop: Ad10c7c. MP1 checks, I bet $30, MP1 shoves all-in for $300+. I do not have a club. I have ~$200 behind. The hand range I was putting him on was: sets (10s, 7s), flush draws, with AQ, AJ less likely. The huge overbet threw me so was not sure if my hand range analysis was good. After about a minute, I fold. Should I have called this huge overbet?

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