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All the things I did wrong/what I should have done

  • joehutch45 (Fort Worth)

I played this hand over a week ago and have analyzed it several times.  I know/understand I made several mistakes but am interested in getting feedback on my "after hand" analyzation.  Preflop there were 6 limpers to me.  I think I have the choice of either limping as well or raising.  I choose to raise.  MISTAKE 1 is not raising enough.  Normal raise of $12 thins the field at this table so I made a $16 and think I should have chosen to raise $22.  The Big Blind is a good player but he likes to gamble and made the call.  I do not have a good feel for what he has.  UTG is big stack and solid player calls.  UTG+1 is older gentleman who overanalyzes every card on every hand.  After a long delay he calls as well.  This starts the waterslide with everyone else getting pot odds to call.  The flop is a multiplayer coordinated board.  I AM GOING TO FOLD since I only have top pair.  BB checks.  UTG makes a fake action of betting before checking.  At this game I always take that as a TELL of being on some kind of draw and wanting a free card.  UTG+1 takes forever before betting $25 which is a very small bet into a pot of over $100.  But it causes a chain reaction of folds to me.  At this point I change my thinking.  With only 2 players left to act to my left, one being a gambler and one being a person I have read as being on a draw, MISTAKE 2 I decide to see if I can provide them all with fold equity since I feel sure this is now a thinned field to 1 or 2 players coordinated board in position.  My first thought is to raise the $25 bet to $125.  But that doesn't make sense because it leaves me with only $46 so I might as well go all in.  MISTAKE 3 I don't want to go all in.  If I don't raise to $125 or go all in, I decide to raise 3 x the bet to $75.  Analysis afterwards is I should have gone all in if I was going to provide fold equity to the other players.  I am somewhat surprised that BB only calls but that tells me he is on a draw - probably flush.  UTG folds as I expect and UTG+1 again takes forever before calling.  Turn is a nothing card with both checking to me.  MISTAKE 4 There is no reason for me to bet my last $96 because it is not enough to get anyone to fold at this point.  But I do, BB agrees to all in (not knowing he has me covered by $9 and UTG+1 again thinks forever and calls.  I was correct in my assessment of BB/UTG/UTG+1 hands.  I just didn't bet enough at any street to get them off their hand.  Analysis - I should have bet $22 preflop.  I still believe my decision to bet after the flop once the $25 bet folded everyone but 2.  Do you agree?  Or should I still have folded?  Once I decided to bet I should have gone all in.  I know I was wrong in multiple places but would like your analysis on other ways to have played the hand  Thanks.

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