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Allin from villain on river

  • Bobthegrey (North Las Vegas)

$1/$2 Cash Game Local Casino

Hero in MP1 with $325 or 155 BBs holding two red 7s

Villain in Mp3 with $175 or 87.5 BBs

UTG limps folded to Hero who calls MP2 folds

Villain calls folds back to SB who calls BB checks

$8 in pot (disregarding rke)

Flop is 3sJd3h

It is checked around

Turn is 7s

Hero bets $8 or 4 BBs

Villain calls

SB & BB fold.

Pot now $24 or 12 BBs

River is 4d

Hero bets $20

Villain raises allin

What now?

Villain is someone I have never seen at the table before. Seems like a decent player but I have not seen him turn over many hands to this point. I try to come up with a range but his play to this point in the hand makes it hard. I guess that he could be holding 22+ and some random broadway cards. He may be slow playing holding 33 (not likely) 44 or JJ. The 3s and Js beat me, the 44 and any other big pairs, I win. All thoughts welcome.

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