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Another AA on multiway!

  • jrporras (panama)

Hi, ALthough I ended up winning this hand.  Not sure about my overall line. 

1.  I considered that AA lose value on multiway pot (5 to the flop), but after 2 checked to me on such a dry Board I decided to cbet, getting one caller - which I considered GOOD.  2 callers or a reraise I’m probably folding.

2.  After the T on the turn, i checked for POT control with the intention to call to a bet.. Not sure if this was right... on to the river.

3.  Again, after villain had checked the turn, I thought about betting on the river, but I DID remembered how the hand started, 5 way! So rather than betting and risking a reraise or having worse hands folding, I decided to check again - pot control and maybe trying to get villain to sense some weakness and taking stab - which he DID.

...overall... was this hand as profitable as it could be for me? I’m hesitant to develop a huge pot after a multiway develops as a default.


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