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AQ in the cutoff vs. min raise pre flop

  • mhef1989 (Charlotte )

Live $1/$2, $8 was amount that seemed to thin field to 1 or 2 opponents on a regular basis. Only played one hand with this player prior to this hand, he limped in utg w/ 98o, and I raised him out of the sb (i think) with kk and he called and flopped trips, and I lost. A few hands later this happened. I wasn't sure what to make of his minraise other than he probably wasn't folding if i put in a 4bet pre, do you agree? So I felt like either calling or folding were my only viable options, as shoving would only get calls from much better hands imo. I decided to call, as I felt like folding was too tight. Flop came Ks7d4d and since the spr was 2.5:1, I decided to play for stacks and tried to take the best line I could. I called flop instead raising because I wanted to keep his range wide, but I think that was foolish logic because I just had Ace high. The turn didn't change much, if anything at all, so maybe calling the turn instead of shoving there would have been better. I shoved here because I wasn't sure I would get paid on the river if I made my hand. Thank you for your help!


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