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Are on-line Games Profitable?

  • chrmar40 (Toronto, Ontario)

This is a very general question but I'd like to get your take.

I'm playing at the lowest levels (.01/.02, $1 buy in) of cash games, sit and go's and tournaments online and I am finding that the Learn WPT default strategy is about break-even. Maybe it is just me...

But in another question you mentioned your ROI in on-line tournaments was 100%. That is mind blowing to me.

I've been grinding the default strategy in cash, Sit and Go's and tournaments and I'm about break-even. From what I see, these games are tough!! My c-bets get floated, I get action only from nut hands. If I try to 3 bet light in tournaments I get called and then floated. Unless I hit, I'm just spewing chips until it's push/fold time. Then it's just a crapshoot.

Seems like everyone on-line knows basic poker strategy and we are just exchanging money between each other.

I don't have the time or bankroll to plaly live at a casino. I was hoping to grind my way up to decent stakes on-line (even .25/.50) and just make a bit of money while enjoying myself.

My guess is that the micros are populated by grinders from Asia, South America, and Russia where it is actually woth their time to play at these stakes.

Are on-line games even worth playing any more?

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