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AsTs in EP2

  • Bobthegrey (North Las Vegas)

This a from a $1/$2 cash game last Saturday evening.

Setup. I have been very card dead all evening and had only played about 6 hands in an hour and a half. I won the two that went to showdown and were the only ones I played post flop. I had developed an image of someone who was tighter than a ducks butt. In fact I opened from early position in two hands prior to this one and wound up with two raise and take its.

The hand.

Hero is in EP2 with AsTs with a stack of 180 BBs

V1 in EP1 with about 190 BBs

V2 in EP3 with 150 BBs

V3 in MP2 with 210 BBs

V4 in HJ with 230 BBs

V5 in SB with 170 BBs

V6 in BB with 250 BBs

A lot of villains I know but bear with me for a bit.

V1 opens for $10 and I call to play a speculative hand with a plan to fold to an unkind flop.

All villains call all others fold.

Pot is $65 after $4 rake and $1 jackpot drop.

The vilains -

V1 has been active but not very aggressive

V2 same as V1

V3 is more aggressive with opening bets but does not chase and will fold to aggression

V4 is active and sticky but seems to think abot what he is doing

V5 is very aggressive and will jump on any sign of weakness with a big bet but will fold to aggression

V6 will always come along for the ride if the pot gets big preflop

The flop is KsJd8s good for me with a gut shot and nut flush draw 12 outs 9 flush & 3 Qs

V1 checks and I bet $35 only half pot but with my image I expect to lose most villains.

V2 & V3 fold, V4 calls, V5 & V6 fold and V1 calls

Now just hero and 2 Vs with a pot of $165

Turn is Tc not a bad card for me since it gives a visible straight draw and with my image a Q is not unlikely

V1 checks and I bet $75 a little less than half pot hoping to further convince them I have it. Betting smaller here seems to convince others that you have a big hand.

V4 calls, V1 folds. Pot now $315

River is Kh I now hold a really nice hand and not much beats me. I am only a little worried about V4 here as I believe he believes I have the Q. Based on his play this evening if he had a big hand preflop he would have raised not just called. If he held a set of 8s he would have raised my flop bet. He is probably holding 22 - 77, 99 or Ax with x being 9 or smaller.

How do I convince last villain I have the nuts? (Maybe I really do.) Shove? Bet small like $80?

Eric, after you answer I have a followup specific to this hand. Should I post it as a comment to your answer or as a new question?

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