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At what point do I top-up in cash game and stop-loss guideline?

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

When playing in cash game, is there specific top-up point that you should set? I understand that you want to have as many tools at your disposal as you can for as many hands as you can. However, I assume that you would not, for example, start with a max buy-in of, say, 100BB and, in the first pot that you enter, call a 3BB raise within the calling criteria, fold post-flop, and then top-up from 97BB back to 100BB since it seems a bit much to top-up EVERY SINGLE TIME that you dip at all below the max buy-in here. So, is there a good threshold to set for topping-up...Is it that you want to stay deepstacked and so you would top-up to the max of, again say, 100BB whenever you dip below, say, 60BB?

Also, along those lines (if 60BB is, indeed, a good top-up point)...How do you manage your stop-loss? If my stop-loss is three buy-ins and each buy-in is 100BB, do I walk away once I hit an overall 300BB loss regardless of if I have chips still in front of me. So, for example, if I have lost 260BB so far and have just topped-up to the max again of 100BB, then I lose down to 60BB for a total loss of 300BB (my stop-loss amount)...Do I walk here even though I still have 60BB in my stack?

Thanks for the guidance!

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