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Attributes of a tough opponent

  • Warwick (Congleton)

Can you please advise on a good strategy to become a really tough opponent.

What are the traits of such a player?

For example under what circumstances should we mix in more bluffs-pre and post flop, besides the usual tournament conditions i.e. bubble play/pay jumps/ICM considerations etc?

Pre flop I'm happy to 3bet mid/late position 2bettors with suited cards/Ax type hands etc and bluff at pots in LP when the risk:rewards is high

Are there other pre flop circumstances/moves that you would advise?

Are there specific player types we can target for these moves-rather than just the passive type?

Also post flop, when should we be betting out when we have not hit a monster or check raising post flop bets as a move? To generally be a little more aggro and frustrating to other players?

I am concerned that if we make a move on a dry board wouldn't that just scream weakness?

How about later streets?

What should we be looking for in order to target particular situations to make these moves most appropriate?


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