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Bad fold? Or just bad hand all around.

  • Prizzy711 (Pinehurst, NC)

After the hand, using flopzilla, putting in his range of roughtly top 40%, I think it was a bad fold, and he may have been trying to steal. He raised pre to 2.5x. I don't think he would have done that with the hands that would make a straight here, 4 5. I think he either flopped a set, and checked the flop, or is trying to steal.

This is my first post. I have been playing poker for 3 months. Thanks for any insight!

I'm playing nl2. I am in the small blind with 55BBs. My vpip is 34, pf, 11, and af 1. We are 4 handed, at a 6-max table. Cuttoff/utg folds, and button raises to .05, 2.5x. He had 40 bb's starting the hand, and stats of vpip 38, pf 30, and af 4.0. I call in the SB with JsJd, BB folds, and we are heads up, out of position. The flop comes 2c10c6d, missing me completely, but I am still liking my hand with all unders. This guy has been aggressive. I check to the aggressor, and he checks behind. the turn is a 3h. I'm thinking I can value bet, the only thing the turn changed is maybe a straight with a 4 5. So I be 2BB, 1/3 of the pot. He raises to .12, 3x my bet. I fold. I don't think I should have. How bad is that fold? Thanks

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