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Baffled with QQ OOP

  • jrporras (panama)

This was the first hand I played at a 1/2 table at the Seminole a few days ago. No real solid read on any player as of yet (20 mins into the game).  I folded my QQ facing an all in from a 3-better preflop (villain) who called my 4-bet preflop(after another player also called) on an uncoordinated low board after by c-bet got raised all in from villain who had me covered.

I’m not sure I played this correct ——-

(A) Was my 4-bet too ambitious? Seemed $30-$35 could have accomplished the same result preflop, maybe letting men see a turn. Not sure if in the end I may even have gone broke assuming he does have KK or AA

(B) Should I have c-betted after my 4 bet got called by 2 players? I did cause the board was very dry and I had a solid over pair.

(C) Once I got committed with my Cbet, should I have called the all in? It seems from a chip EV the only scenario that’s profitable in this situation is if he were doing this with AK besides KK/AA/QQ and it just doesn’t seem reasonable villain would make this move 100% of the time with AK...which is the only Way my call is profitable, as I’m a big underdog against any other reasonable pair.

Now i did consider him possibly also having a set with 22, 99 or 66 since after the second player called my 4bet, it is somewhat profitable for the 3better William to just call and see a flop with those holdings.  Not sure even a 78 for a straight draw, unlikely though.


Correction.... initial raise actually came from my+1 and 3bet from my+2...just don’t know how to re-edit the hit.  Stacks for each of them were respectively 250,and 600.

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