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Best Move here?

  • jrporras (panama)

Whats the best move here? considering the raiser is from MP+1, with 20BB - also considering the 300K stack to my left is from a maniac Id seen already pay all kinds of ALL ins.  

This does not meet the calling criteria , its way too much to complete the SB,there isn't a MWP, ill end up OOP, and without knowing if the BB will 3-Bet(likely).  Plus the MP+1 could be raising with a holding he can call an 3 - bet or all in from th BB or me.

All in could mean we end up with AJ all in Vs 2 players.  tournament life basically --- not liking it.

Folding seems tight - but its not the end of the world considering I have 25 BB left.


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