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Betting Lines Review

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

Hi Eric,

From my comment on Jackhammer's question of... , I realized that I jumbled some things and might be going a bit on auto-pilot :-) So, in order to kinda step-back, I would like to review some betting lines as the pre-flop aggressor facing a single opponent heading to the flop. Please tell me if I'm off on anything below (all of these are just the defaults):

1) We would fire a second bullet when our first bullet is called if we missed the flop but the turn brings us either TPTK+, draw of 8+, or is an A/K/Q scare overboard that allows us to second bullet bluff.

2) We fire a second bullet if we had hit TP/overpair on the flop in all scenarios except when in position on a dry board (in this one case, we would check back and plan to call a reasonable bet on the river or put in our own river bet when our opponent checks). Would we still be checking a dry board in-position heads-up if the turn rendered our flopped TP/overpair no longer top/over (e.g., we had AQ on a Queen high flop and the turn is a King)? I believe that, deducing from the prior question cited above, the answer is, yes, we do check to continue the TP/overpair line...In other words, it is our TP/overpair hand on flop that dictated our turn play when heads-up (by default, we aren't that concerned with what the turn brings in terms of our line here, correct?).

3) We fire bullets on all three streets with our monster made hands and monster draws.

4) Finally, a clarification on slow-playing as a term...Slow-playing our big hands really only comes into play when we were passive pre-flop, correct? In other words, once we are the aggressor, we can't really be said to be slow-playing. If we were the pre-flop aggressor, by default, we are not slow-playing our big hands because that would lead to imbalance (and we were already aggressive so, again, we really aren't slow-playing)...We would just follow #3 above by default, right?

Appreciate the confirmation/corrections :-)

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