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bubble play KK to all in

  • Cathy Schenone (Elmira NY)

 At a recent planet Hollywood deep Stack tournament we were on the money bubble and I had the largest stack at my table. I had approximately 35 big blinds. 276,000 at 4000/8000/8000.    My table had recently broke and was moved to this new table so not much information was known about the players at this table.   I had played two hands to show down previously both times winning with QQ .   I then raise under the gun plus one with KK and it folds around to the big blind who looks at his cards and shoves all in. He was the second largest stack at the table. If I call and lose I am left with 12 big blinds. Without being results oriented, is it EVER correct to fold a KK here with ICM in mind knowing that there are several short stacks ready to bust ?  In other words should I preserve my stack and continue to accumulate chips on the bubble with less risk... or risk my stack leaving me with 12 big blinds if I lose (or become the big stack at the table if I win?) 

The question that kept going through my head was why would this gentleman with almost as many chips as me risk going out on the bubble if he didn’t have AA?


Cathy Schenone 

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