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Call this river shove?

  • Otto Parts (Houston, TX)

NLHE 1/2 Live Cash Game. Table is 8 handed. Hero is in the HJ seat with 9c10c and a starting stack of 420BBs.

Pre Flop: UTG Raises to $8 to 4BB (I didn't expect this to shrink the field to one or two callers). MP1 flat calls(starting stack of ~325BBs). MP2 flat calls. With 9c10c, I call based on pre flop calling criteria. Button, SB, and BB also call. Pot is now $49 after the rake.

Flop: Kd Jc 5c

Action checks to me. I am figuring I have 12 outs (3 to the gut shot + 9 to the flush). I bet $40. Only MP1 calls. Pot is now $129

Turn: Kd Jc 5c Th

MP1 checks to me again. I bet out $75. I am thinking the 10h gives me two additional outs. MP1 calls. Pot is now $279

River: Kd Jc 5c Th Ac

MP1 checks to me. I bet out $150. He doesn't think long and shoves all in. Pot is now $954. Its $375 more for me to call.

Do you call in this spot?

What would be the standard range of hands you're putting this villain on when he checks the river? Then when he check-raises all in?

How, if any, does that range change at lower stakes games?

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