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Calling a shove just past the money bubble.

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Here is a hand from WSOP Circuit Event #1 $400 buyin, 300k guaranteed

1200 players

135 get paid

115 players left

Very flat structure from 135 to 36 with about $60-$100 increases in payouts per table, or 9 players eliminated.

So payouts are about $670 right now, moving up to $728 after 9 eliminations, then $800 after another 9...etc. 9th place gets $7200; 1st place $73k

I open from UTG to 2.5bb, and the HJ rejams for 14bb. The antes are pretty high right now, with a 3000/6000/1000 there is 3bb of blinds/antes.

Also, the microstack in the BB moves all in for her last 2.1bb.

I ran in ICMIZER with payout structure, and its a +.03%eV call. 

Interestingly enough, I mistakenly ran in ICMIZER with a 500chip ante (as opposed to a 1k ante) and its a +.00eV call. So, is 4500 chips worth that much?

What other consideration should I consider? If I win this pot, I am up to about 360k (60bb) in chips. If I lose, I am down to 145k in chips (24bb).

I thought that 24bb was the borderline point of stack maneuverability, where I am losing some ability to to win uncontested pots with the 34bb stack I would have if I folded.

I am likely flipping with HJ, and the BB is likely in with any Ax, KJs+, KQ, and any pair.

Its a case of 24bb if I lose (how much tournament equity/maneuverability do I lose)

vs 34bb (how much equity/maneuverability do I preserve)

vs 60bb (how much equity/maneuverability do I gain)?

Your thoughts?

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