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Calling an all in re-raise with pocket Jacks

  • mcleary10902 (Carmel Indiana)

I was playing in a deep stack tournament over the weekend with 15,000 in starting chips. A little way into the tournament (blinds at 100 and 200) and the average stacks at the table still fairly deep, a villain from MP2 made it 800 to go. Action folds around to me in the small blad with pocket Jacks. I 3-bet to 2,400. The big blind makes a flat call. Subsequently, the MP2 4 bets and goes all in which puts me all in to call. Normally, there is a high probability I would call with pocket Jacks in that situation as the Jacks would have a lot of equity against a MP2 hand range. However, given I had another opponent left to act and MP2 was willing to come back over the top against a re-raise and a call, I then put MP2 on a very narrow hand range and felt my jacks had a lot less equity given this consideration. I was not as concerned with the big-blind making the call if I called the all-in since they had just flat called my re-raise.

So, I'd like to know if you think I was correct to narrow the MP2's hand range that much given the circumstances and fold the jacks.

Thanks in advance and look forward to your answer.

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