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calling big hands vs raising in order to disguise range

  • jrporras (panama)

Is it profitable to call big hands in late position after an all around fold in order to disguise my big hand to the blinds, limiting the flop to 3 way and guaranteeing some action?

Example of a hand I played at Aria - raised from UTG with pocket 6, everyone folded except small blind who called and also BB.

Flop came A62 rainbow. SB checks, BB check, I bet... SB calls BB folds

Next card another 2. SB check, I bet, SB reraises i go all in he calls shows AA and beats my 666/22 full.

Although this was kind of a cooler, by calling AA on the SB knowing this would be a 3 way boy at the most, he smartly disguised he had Aces.


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