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Calling one opponent s preflop raise and playing small pairs

  • terryskipworth (Desoto )

What is your opinion on calling a raise from one opponent preflop with small to mid pairs and broadway cards as long as its 5% of effective stack size in position with broadway cards suited and unsuited?

I know you said don't limp in early position with small pairs. I disagree because if you limp and get raised and within 5% of stack size you can call. If there is no raise, your getting a discount. I find this more profitable in the long run. I've done both and for me limping with small pairs is a better play. I found by raising with small pairs I lose more in the long run. But everyone has to do what works for them. Since your odds of hitting trips is around 12% your risk is higher then it's reward in early position raising. I'm basing my opinion on years not days of play It's crazy the money I missed out on by folding these hands on a early position limp. I know your going say look at how much more I would have won with a disguised hand with a raise but most of the time the money won would have been close regardless . Then look at the money saved if you don't hit . Again just my opinion. I'm sure you will disagree but would love your input

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