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Can it be a good play to fire a second bullet on the River?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

I was in a tournament yesterday where I had AQ in position, raised 3 limpers, got one caller. I c-bet the flop with 874 rainbow and OOP player called. Turn was a 2 so it checked around, then the River was a King and the OOP player checked again. I thought long and hard about firing a second bullet, but recalled a previous discussion where this was felt to not be a positive EV play (firing a second bullet when an Ace or King hits after preflop aggressor checks a missed Turn card). However, I felt this absolutely could easily hit my c-bet range (AK, KQ, KJ). Then the OOP player turned over T7s (I know we shouldn't give hand results, but this made me think about the following).

This got me to thinking, in my local games, there are absolutely those players who are well known to call a c-bet with middle pair and better. Vs these players, do you recommend firing a second bullet on the River when an Ace or King hits, or not?


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