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Cash game strategy

  • Navid (pelotas)

I've just started playing 1/2 live cash games. There are usually very loose passive players on the table and raise size is at least 10$. It happens to see 7 or 8 players see the flop calling 10$ or 15$ preflop.

I've just started playing with them at that club.

So, after I watched their game for a while I decided to buy in minimum that is 100$ and wait for premium hands to go all in with, specially when I'm in a late position and there are a few callers before me, in order to either take a fairly big pot immediately or isolate one or two players and double or triple up my stack.

According to my and their schedule, I'm able to play this game 2 hours a day. So, I think if I sit there for two hours waiting for premium hands but I don't get any I will lose something around 30$ but if I get premium hands it's likely to win big pots.

Is that a good strategy?

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