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Check Fold, Check Call, Raise or Shove?

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

This was the final table of a 26 person tounamnet that paid down to 3.

I saw this flop with 4 opponents but 2 of them short stacks. I was very confused about the best way to play this one.  I thought the fold equity on this was about 25% if I shove. and I would get rid of 9X and weak Kx hands as well as a Jack or Queen High flush draw in the larger stacks.  If I got called by the smaller stacks my pot odds were good.  I also though about checking and calling if the pot odds + implied odds are good.  The down side is loosing what little fold equity I have.  Also, all equity in this hand if a large stack shoves and I have to fold.  What is my best play here?

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