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Clarification on a hand on the decision page

  • mhef1989 (Charlotte )

I believe this is incorrect. Based on what I have been taught, I would fold pocket tens in this situation, unless I had historical information on my opponents. This is my rationale:

MP1 has less than 40bb, so he is presumably playing a MP shallow stacked hand range which i believe consists of 22+, all broadway except K10o, Q10o, and J10o, which is around ~15% of hands one could be dealt  The hijack would presumably resteal with a range (in my opinion) of 88+, AJs+, AJo+, KQs, KQo (I believe 55, 66, and 77 would fold here instead of raise, unless I have my seen my opponent do otherwise). Since 8k is in the pot, and you have a stack of 8k, you are getting 50% equity in the hand. Since Nick always bumps that number up in tournaments, I'd say you would need at least 53% in the hand to make this call profitable. TT has a 51% equity against the hijack's range. You don't have enough equity in this hand to continue, so I think folding here is the more profitable play.

I think this comes down to whether the hijack would reshape here with 77-55, because if he did, you'd barely have enough equity to call in non-bubble tournament situations. 

What do y'all think?


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