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Close to money bubble

  • Anxious (Jupiter)

$400 buy in multi day tourney. 172 entrants on day 1B playing down to top 10% all who make day 2 are in the money there are 30 players left 17 advance top 20 get paid. Average stack size is 23 big blinds which seems small but may factor in to the decision making process (top pair hands go up in value, as stacks get shallower). 172 entrants (x) 20,000 chips starting stack, down to (/) 30 players remain = 115,000 average stack. Top pair betting lines say on the river if draw comes in and WEAK one pair fold. If draw misses and Stong one pair call. But what if draw comes in and STRONG one pair? Up against the big stack who could be trying to exploit the looming bubble. I need 30% equity to call profitably here. Will he ever have 89 that missed and is bluffing at a diamond or a hand like KK QQ JJ or 99 or 88 (which I beat all of)? I was at the same table all day and then moved after 10 hrs this was like first hand I played at this new table so I didn't have any info on this opponent decided to go for the call and saw that he wins with a 3 and an 8. Maybe I should have raised higher pre flop, giving him closer to 3 to 1 than 4 to 1. Did I price him in? Or maybe I could have shoved on the turn? Or should I fold to his lead on the river? Thanks.

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