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Deep Stack Cash Game Strategy - MGM Maryland

  • jrporras (panama)

Logged in @ 31 hours/11 session run at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland.  I'd have to say I've never played a 1/3 cash game against so many loose/deep stacked players ever before.  The max buy in is $500 and you are forced to move all of your stack if you are moving tables.  The average table would easily have 3-4 players with 1-2K stacks. 

Took a few days to adjust my game.  Initially I'd have top pair/top kicker and AA/QQ cracked easily by the river.  No matter what my initial raise was, id get at least 2-3 callers - also if the board was semi-coordinated you would get callers for every type of draw out there including only middle pair looking for that 2nd pair.  

After getting felted twice in a row on my third day I reviewed once more the deep stack entry ranges and my 3-bet defence.  Last 2 days made a huge run-up and came out on top about $900 for the entire week.  The key was definitely playing the more pocket pairs(that make sets) and the suited connectors/suited aces - its incredible how these hands when they hit on a table full of chasers with big stacks can make you loads of cash.  

Thanks for all the advice!

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