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Did I fold AK too soon here?

  • Celeborn33 (La Habra, CA)

Cash Game 9 Players

$2/3 blinds $100-300 buy in.

Villain 150 stack on the button

Hero 430 stack MP3

Hero hand: AD,KC

1 limper from MP1, folds to Hero who raises to $12, Cutoff calls, Pot 32, Villain raises to $60, folds to Hero who folds.

This was my thinking: The re-raise from the Villain left him with $90 so I felt he was pot committed. His range from the button to 3 bet me was QQ+, AKo , so I felt that I was behind his range, and no better than a coin toss, no matter what the cut off player did. Did I put him on too narrow a 3 bet range? Also with no callers in front of me after MP1 folded, I see my AK as a speculative hand and it does not meet our calling criteria since pot is not multiway and the amount is more than 5% of effective stack (Villain has only 90 behind). Or was I wrong to view AK as a spec hand here? Thanks for your comments.

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