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Did I over bet this Speculative hand?

  • Celeborn33 (La Habra, CA)

Cash Game 9 Players

$2/3 blinds 100-300 buy in.

Stacks & Position

Villain 1 300 SB , Villain 2 320 Middle Pos 1, Hero 260 MP3

Hero hand: 8H 9H

Initial action 5 limpers

Pot 15

Flop: QD 9C 8D

V1 raises to $35, V2 3 bets to $80, Hero 4 bets to $257 ( all in), folds around to V1, he folds, V2 calls.

I feel I played this correctly by 4 betting 3X V2's 80 bet, which put me all in. I must admit that when I hit 2 pair I planned on continuation betting and was thinking about the amount when V2 raised to $80 and I did not think to put him on hand ranges, I just shoved all in. Comments Please.

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