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Did I overvalue my flopped A's before WSOP final table or was it a good move?

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

Hey Guys, was playing in a WSOP tournament last week in NC with 700 entries. We were down to 3 tables with 20 players left. Blinds were 10/20K with 5K ante. Tournament chip leader was at my table and had between 15-20BB's and I was second at the table with about 10BB's. I was BB holding AJo when everyone folds to SB (9BB's) who raised to 50K. I called. Flop comes AQ7 rainbow. SB betts 75K and I think about it for 2 mins and while I'm not a big fan of AJ, I reasoned that if I won the hand I would be in a good position to dominate the final table so I raised all in hoping the SB might fold. SB snap calls and turns over pocket Q's and that was that. Did I overvalue my hand? What value (if any) should be given to going for the Chip Leader position (in this situation) just before the final table?

BTW, all 20 players were reassigned to the remaining 3 tables just mins before this hand. The SB was not someone I had played against during the tournament so I had no information to go on.


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