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Did I play this hand correctly?

  • cmaiolino (Czech Republic)

Hi Pros, I recently played a tournament on a local casino, and I ended up playing the hand detailed on HIT, and I'd like your opinion, specially because I got tagged as a fool by the other players at the table, although I think I did a good play.

A bit of context here, is that I did not play a single hand for almost 2 blind levels, by simply the fact I didn't get a single playable hand IMHO. Not saying I was waiting for premium hands or anything like that, but, I just kept receiving hands like 93o, K4, etc.

And in the meantime, I kept paying attention to the other players, and many hands, the showdowns that really surprised me, were hands like T5o, Q6o, 44 (calling a 3bet out of position), etc.

The 'best' hand I had got in the previous 2 blind levels, was a 97s on UTG, so I simply folded it.

So, this hand in HIT, I got 53 on the button, and decided to play it simply because I was in position, the whole table folded, and everybody at the table kept me saying I was too tight simply because they haven't seen me playing a single hand. So, I decided it was a good spot here.

After the hand finished, a few players kept treating me as a fool because I decided to play this hand, so, by the showdowns I've seen at the table, I really would like a better opinion if my play on this hand was stupid or if I played this hand well. At the time I really got pissed off with the other players 'making fun' of my play, although I still think the worst play here was a call out of position with J6o.

But anyway, I'd appreciate a more experienced review of this hand, and, if my hand selection is right or not, mainly at the early stages of the tournament, like, in this case, IMHO, I don't think it's correct to keep playing garbage hands, specially being passive with them.

Cheers and thanks

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